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COVID-19 Protocol

  • Current local protocols being followed. Team members wearing masks only when requested by residents while entering their private home or as chosen by team member.

  • Amenities - Self-service disinfecting stations with spray and paper towels must be maintained and available in every amenity space

  • PPE - Well Stocked including masks, sanitizing liquids, and hand sanitizer.

General Safety

  • Personal Protective Equipment, Safety Glasses, Face Shield, Back Brace, Work Gloves, N95 Dust Mask, Hearing Protection

  • First Aid Kit stocked and located in shop and office

  • Key Policy (Key box locked and key log in use - form MR019)

  • SDS Binder organized and up to date

  • Lock Out Tag Out Kit Readily Available & Policy Understood by Team

  • Monthly Light Checks Complete and Bulbs Replaced (forms MT029, MT030, MT031)

  • Emergency Response Binder AND Contact List up to date (Form ERP007)

  • Repair/Maintenance Policy & Procedure Manual available and all forms signed by Maintenance Staff

  • Injury & Illness Policy Available and all forms signed by ALL TEAM MEMBERS

Team Members

  • Maintenance Team Members in Uniform and wearing Name Badges

  • Golf Carts Organized & Batteries Filled with Distilled Water

Shop and Storage

  • Maintenance Shop clean and organized

  • All flammables stored in fire proof cabinet

  • Tool Inventory up to date

  • Mechanical Rooms clean and organized and no flammables stored

  • Storage Areas clean and organized

  • Boiler Rooms clean and organized & no flammables stored

Preventative Maintenance

  • Make Readies Complete in 10 Days or Less

  • Make Ready Checklist Completed and Signed off for 2 Units

  • Preventative maintenance Work Orders Completed by the End of the Month

  • Work Orders Responded to in 24 hrs or less

Moisture, Mold and Milldew

  • Moisture, Mold and Mildew kit stocked

  • Moisture, Mold and Mildew binder up to date<br>(forms MT017, MT018, MT019, MT020)


  • Pool gate latches, signage and lighting in good repair

  • Pools and spa clean

  • Pool/Spa Log sheets current (form 026)

  • Pool/Spa Chemicals Tests to State Regulations

  • Pool equipment in good operating condition

  • Shepherds Hook & Buoy Accessible & in Good Condition

  • VGB Compliant Drains and Paperwork in Pool Room

  • 911 Phone Present and in Working Order

Make-Ready Inspections (2 Vacant Units)

  • Smoke Alarm installed and working correctly

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector installed and working correctly

  • Quality of interior paint job

  • New Furnace Filter installed

  • Water heater in good repair with no leaks

  • Caulking - Neat/Clean, not to exceed 1/4"

  • Unit free of leaks and moisture

  • Carpet cleaned and in good condition

  • Vinyl clean and in good condition

  • Unit clean and fee of debris

  • Water Saving aerators installed on all faucets

  • Water saving shower head installed

  • Leak "Sentry" fluid master installed in toilet tanks

Community Exterior

  • No abandoned/unregistered vehicles or w/ flats

  • Curbs and speed bumps painted

  • Laundry Rooms clean and Operational

  • Trip Hazards over 1/2" have been removed

  • Breezeways clean and free of debris

  • Roof, Siding, Windows, Flashing, Gutters & Fascia in good repair

  • Trash/dumpster areas clean and odor free, lids closed

  • Flower beds clean and weed free

  • Retaining walls in good condition

  • Gutters and downspouts in good condition

  • No standing water / irrigation not overwatering

  • BBQ Grills Cleaned and Operable

  • No Dead or Dying Trees left standing

  • Landscape Sprinklers Operating Correctly and in proper pattern - spot check

  • Stair treads and stringers - Walk 5 locations. Stocked treads available

Overall Appearance

  • Exterior of community

  • Landscape of Community

  • Interior of Community & Clubhouse

  • All Amenities Clean and Operable

General Commets

  • General notes, concerns or comments.

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