Title Page

  • Site

  • Exact Location of Encampment
  • Date/Time of Inspection

  • Prepared by

Details of Encampment

  • Confirm that the encampment is on MSDC land

  • Accommodation type

  • Contact WSCC and instigate traveller eviction procedure

  • How many?

  • Photograph of encampment

Health & Safety

  • Is the officer working alone?

  • Undertake dynamic risk assessment and consider checking in with another member of the team

  • Are there any hazards present?

  • Details

  • Are there any signs of ASB?

  • Details

Details of those present

  • Are the occupier(s) present?

  • Are they approachable?

  • Did the officer have a conversation with the occupier(s)?

  • Name(s)

  • Further details (including any welfare issues)

  • Is it their intention to leave the site?

  • By when?

Final actions

  • Any additional notes, comments or observations

  • Confirm that Legal Notice has been issued

  • Confirm that this report will be shared with Housing, Legal, Landscapes and Outdoor Services

  • Officer Signature

  • Time this Report was completed

  • Date of next visit

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