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Vehicle Cab & Body Exterior Inspection

  • Paint Colour & Condition

  • Any Dents,Scratches or Damage

  • Check Cad Plated Items For Rust

  • Check Tyres

  • Fire Extinguisher/Date

  • Spill Kit & Safety Triangles

  • Check All Lighting Systems

  • Check Equipment Does Not Exceed Vehicle Over Width Limits

Safety Stickers Are Fitted

  • Do Not Drink

  • E Stop

  • Battery Isolator

  • Diesel

  • Do Not Over Take Signs

  • Tare Sticker Is Correct

  • Drain Air Tanks Daily

  • Warning Open Front Grill Before Tilting Cab

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • Please Check Oil And Water

  • Safety Triangles Spill Kit

  • Water

  • Hydraulic Oil

  • GVM

  • GVM Sticker Is Correct, 23T For NSW, VIC & QLD, NZ 21T

  • GVM Sticker Is Correct, 27.5T, NZ 26.5T

  • GCM Sticker is Correct

  • Side Loader

  • Caution Shut Down Engine And Remove Keys

  • Danger Stand Clear Of Bin Lifter

  • Caution Lifter Moves Automatically

  • Danger Keep Clear Of Unpropped Tail Gate

  • Caution Use Body Prop

  • Frequently Stopping & Reversing, Writing in Red for QLD, VIC & NZ, NSW Reflective Yellow Back Ground With Black Lettering

  • Green Waste Trucks Only Has The Inside Of The Body been Coated?

  • OHL

  • Please Ensure Safety Key Is Inserted

  • Caution Shut Down And Remove Keys/ Danger Stand Clear

  • Danger Keep Clear Of Unpropped Tail Gate

  • Copy of the NMI Scales paper work.

  • RORO

  • Stand Clear During Opration

  • Ringfeder Fitted

  • Hydraulic Supply

  • TT Lock

  • Hydraulic Return

  • Rear Loader

  • Remove Keys Before Entering Body

  • Danger Keep Clear Of Unpropped Tail Gate

Vehicle In Cab Inspection

  • Tool kit incab

  • Interior Cleanliness

  • First Aid Kit/ Snake Bit Kit (if applicable)

  • Defect Book

  • Left Hand Arm Rest

  • Vehicle Hrs/ Klm

  • Seat Belts

  • Two Way Power Feed

  • Seat Covers Fitted

  • Modification Plates

In Cab Stickers Are Fitted

  • Daily Pre Trip Check List

  • Drain Air Tanks

  • Please Check Oil And Water

  • Max Weight

  • E Stop

  • Don't Tailgate/ Please Drive Safely

  • Joy Stick Operation

  • Height Sticker

Body & Lifter Inspections

  • OHL Body mount bolts fitted with cone lock nuts. And Ram Mounts fitted correctly.

  • Check Lifter Bash Plate Clears The Hopper And Overlaps Into The Hopper and grab arm to air cleaner mount.

In Cab Controls

  • Test All Emergency Stops & Switchs

  • Check Master Control Box & All Functions For The Unit Including All Lifting Controls And Functions

  • Ensure All Warning Buzzers are Working

  • Check RVS Camera System

  • Check Sgesco Roll Away Braking System

  • Check Park Brake Alarm

  • Check Preview Reverse System (if Fitted)

  • Check If Black Moth Is Connected To Loadrite System (9 Pin Serial Cable)

Hydraulic Systems

  • Test All Hydraulic Functions For Leaks & Speeds

  • Check For Any Hydraulic Hoses Rubbing

  • Ensure All Limit Switch's Are Set Correctly & Stops Are Within Spec & Working

Under Vehicle & Body

  • Check Pump & PTO Shaft

  • Check All Routing Of Hydraulic Hoses

  • Check All Routing Of Electrical Harnesses

  • Check And Listen For Air Leaks

  • Air Tank Drain Cords

Black Moth

  • Check That BM Screen Powers Up When Truck Isolator Is Turned On

  • Check Camera Functions

  • Check Fuse In Power Cables Is 20amp

  • Check GSM & GPS On Screen

  • Login In As Contractor And Load Run Sheet To Check Bin Counter

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