Title Page

  • Type of Incident

  • Conducted on

  • Name of person filling in form

  • Reported by:

  • Their name/s:

  • Their email address/es:

  • Their phone number:

  • The workflow

Particulars of Incident

  • Date:

  • Location:

  • Name of Injured person:

  • Address of injured person:

  • Occupation of injured person:

  • Age of injured person:

  • Phone of injured person:

  • Email address of injured person:

  • Length of Employment (if a staff member):

  • Was a drug test performed

  • What was the result:

  • Particulars of Incident (Describe what happened, add photos or take a picture of a drawn diagram)

  • Nature of Injury (What part of the body is affected and how, take pictures if applicable and permission given):

  • Property Damage (What damage was caused and how):

  • Analysis (What do you think caused or contributed to the incident)?

  • Prevention (What action has been taken to prevent a reoccurrence)?

  • Have all preventative actions been reviewed by management and implemented?

  • Name of first Aider:

  • Manager Sign:

  • Worker Sign:


  • Name:

  • Phone:


  • Medical Centre/A&E/Hospital:

  • Doctor:

  • Type of treatment provided:

Notification and Investigation (WORKSAFE PHONE: 0800 030 040 (24 hours) In the event of a Notifiable Event, an Incident Investigation must be completed and submitted to WorkSafe

  • WorkSafe advised by:

  • Date/Time:

  • Investigation conducted by:

  • Date/Time:

  • Hazard/Risk Register updated by:

  • Date/Time:

  • Toolbox Meeting held for:

  • Date/Time:

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