Inform ADC that all departures are subject to start-up approval, regardless of flight rules.

Inform EGAC and stop departures.

Inform PC of radar failure and cancel the standing agreement. PC Antrim shall advise PC West Coast. PC shall not transfer any further a/c until Aldergrove APC declares that it is in a position to accept them.

Inform PC Supervisor to instigate flow control.

Inform ADC when these measures are complete.

Set-up non-radar procedures strip display.

When confirmation is received from the DEO that the radar is serviceable, APC shall inform:

Inform ADC.

Inform PC Antrim.

Inform EGAC. There shall be no immediate change in operating practice with respect to EGAA traffic.

Open FIN if required.

Carry out radar alignment checks as per MATS 2 Section 6.

Set radar defaults as per MATS 2.

Identify traffic on frequency. Caution must be exercised in the execution of this due to the possibility of mis-ident. ATCO's should consider routing a/c out of the hold before identification.

Inform traffic of alteration of service.

Inform PC LAS.

Subsequently, EGAA APC shall, when able:

Inform ADC and cancel start-up requests.

Inform PC Antrim and re-instate the standing agreement.

Inform EGAC ATC and re-instate ops as per LoA.

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