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Human Resource

  • Safety: is the employee wearing appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) like safety glasses, cut proof gloves if trimming, hearing protection, hair nets (if applicable)?

  • Does the operator know the location of the first piece and purpose of the first piece? (First piece should be used as a master)

  • Does the operator know about and has been trained on the Quality Alerts? (Need to have operator signature on the Quality Alert)

  • Is the operator performing the job as per operator instructions and do they know where their instructions are? (Review 3 parts being built to see if operator is building in sequence to the Operator Instruction)

  • Does the employee know the "NYX Policy" statement and know the meaning of it?

  • Is the employee aware of their Quality and Environment objectives, status of the objectives, and how they support achievement of these objectives?

  • Does the employee know what we are recycling and why?

  • Is the employee trained for a specific job and shown as "trained" on employee training matrix? (Verify training matrix"

  • Does the employee know what to do in case of fire? (Ask questions and verify if they know where the nearest exit is)

  • Does the employee know what to do in case of a tornado? (Ask if they know where the tornado shelter is)

  • Does the employee know what to do if there is a spill? (Ask them what do they do if a spill occurs that they cannot contain)

  • Does the employee know what to do in case of any chemical reaction/burn on their skin or if the inhale it?

  • Does the employee know the location of eye wash station, first aid kit and MSDS book?

  • Does the operator know what to do in case defective parts are running and what to do with the defective parts? (Turn the red andon light on and place defective parts in the red bin)

  • Does the operator know how to fill out the production sheets and record on the production board? (Look for the daily production sheet for completion and verify count on the production board)

  • Are all personnel performing inspections properly trained /qualified? (Review inspection personnel qualification and training records)

  • No outdated, torn, or soiled announcements are displayed. All bulletins are arranged in straight and neat manner.

  • Is the appropriate training completed for any document changes, ECN changes, Control Plan and operator instruction changes if applicable? (Verify training records)

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