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  • Have the daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/semi-annual and annual maintenance checks been completed for all the equipment that effects quality, safety and the environment and are the records available? (Verify maintenance records for press, robot, assembly fixture, crane, Hilo, sprinkler system, conveyor, infra red test, ect)

  • Does the fixture appear to be working properly including error proofing? (Verify assembly fixture verification completed and error proofing verified per shift. Parts should be available for all failure modes to verify the fixture is working. Rabbit parts should be marked "red" to ensure they are not mixed)

  • Are all chemicals (spray bottles and containers) used in the work area labeled with HMIL label, and stored at designated area? (Look for chemical spray bottles or containers having appropriate identification HMIL labels and all flammable containers stored in the flammable cabinet)

  • Is Used Oil storage area clean and organized?<br>- Oily rags in an empty colorant drum lined with a plastic bag and placed on a pallet?<br>- Used oil stored on top of grated area?<br>- Work instructions posted?


  • Are all part numbers arranged per plan (one part per row and the row identified)?

  • Is (FIFO - first in / first out) system being used? (Verify the mfg date at the beginning and end of rows of finished products)

  • Are parts stored in the warehouse as per packaging instruction?

  • Are all the containers in WIP area, purchased products area, finished goods area found "ok" condition and are not damaged?

  • Do shipping personnel verify the order against the pick list?

  • Do all forklifts have a carrying height limit list for all containers available to the driver?

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