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  • House keeping: Plant walk through to verify plant cleanliness inside and outside.
    Are aisles clear?
    Oil in the floor?
    Plastic pellets on the floor?
    Part not stored on top of flammable storage cabinets.

  • All items not necessary to performing work are removed from the workplace; only tools, fixtures, gages and products are present at work stations.

  • Are the fire exits and extinguishers not blocked? Is fire extinguisher PM completed as per schedule along with monthly visual inspection?

  • Are spill kits present as per the evacuation plan and are all contents present in the spill kits?

  • Are returnable containers at the press clean and previous labels removed?

  • Is the material concentrate sealed to protect from contamination? (Look for covered containers)

  • Is the waste properly disposed of as per the waste disposal instruction at press? (Verify plastic scrap is disposed in the red bin, rags are disposed in the rag container, paper is disposed in the marked recyclable container, cardboard disposed in the cardboard containers)

  • Are the correct material, color concentrate, and components being used as per Control Plan? (Compare the Material Identification Tag Color Codes and Component part # to the BOM and Control Plan)

  • If ran by concentrate, is the mix ratio correct and recorded? (Verify mix ratio on the FPA and color concentrate setup sheet (if applicable) with the Control Plan)

  • Are all applicable sections on FPA sheet completed and signed by appropriate personnel? (Look for signatures of all appropriate personnel and the date)

  • Does the Material Handler, Team Leader, Quality Inspector and Supervisor know when FPA is required?

  • Is the packaging instruction available and parts packed per the packaging instruction?

  • Are all parts and/or components in a designated area?

  • Is the date wheel on the part or on the part label correct?

  • Does the process setup exist and is it approved by the process engineer? Is the mold # and press # on the setup sheet and are they accurate?

  • Does the process verification sheet exist and is it being used? Is change history being recorded? (All 3 shifts) (verify current process parameters with master setup sheet. Verify process verification sheet and process change log)

  • Does the current cell layout match the master cell layout? (Fixtures, conveyors, scrap bins, finished containers, ect) Compare actual cell layout to master cell layout)

  • Does the tool, fixture, gage have the customer property tag identification?

  • Is the tool PM completed as per the schedule?

  • Is any equipment or machines which are not in use turned off?

  • Are the level 1 layered audits performed as per schedule? And all issues from level 1 closed?

  • Are Honda labels being kept separate from other OEM labels?

  • Is there a visual aid at the 920/930 Packing area and are the Packers following it?

  • Are Process Techs signing the Production Sheet for start up scrap?

  • Are the assembly fixtures free from any reset keys?

  • Are label verification sheets being used on 920/930 when there is a part number change?

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