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  • 1. Are all applicable legal requirements identified, maintained and complied with?

  • 2. Has a documented risk assessment been conducted of the workplace to identify the potential fall hazards and necessary controls?

  • 3. Has a documented procedure to manage fall protection been established?

  • 4. Has a permit program to control, monitor and document work at heights been established for work which requires it?

  • 5. Are floor surfaces maintained to prevent slips, trips and falls?

  • 6. Are walk openings from which there is a drop of more than 1.2 meters (4 feet) guarded, or elsewhere as indicates by the risk assessment?

  • 7. Are open-sided floors, platforms or walkways 1.2 meters (4 feet) or more above adjacent floor level guarded, or where the risk assessment indicates a need for protection?

  • 8. Are fixed ladders managed to prevent injuries?

  • 9. Are controls provided to prevent falls through fragile surfaces?

  • 10. For work at height are personnel provided with and wear fall protection equipment meeting the requirements set forth in ANSI Z359.1 or applicable local standards, and sized to securely hold the user?

  • 11. Is fall protection equipment attached to anchorage points capable of supporting a person in the event of a fall?

  • 12. Are safe work practices implemented for work requiring aerial lifts?

  • 13. Do lift truck with a basket attachment comply with Company requirements?

  • 14. Are safe work practices implemented for work requiring portable ladders or mobile platform?

  • 15. Are safe work practices implemented for work requiring use of scaffolding?

  • 16. Is all fall protection equipment, aerial lifts, ladders and scaffolding inspected and maintained to ensure that it minimizes any risk of injury?

  • 17. Are all those who use any type of fall protection equipment, aerial lifts, ladders (fixed, portable, and mobile stairs) or scaffolding, are adequately trained?


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