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  • 1. Are all applicable legal requirements identified, maintained and complied with?

  • 2. Has an assessment of the workplace to develop a current listing of all Designated Hot Work Areas and High Hazard Areas related to hot work been carried out?

  • 3. Are permanent warning signs, understandable to all on site, posted at each Hot Work High Hazard Area that is not otherwise labeled as containing flammables?

  • 4. Are exposures to potential toxic contaminants during Hot Work assessed and in compliance with the Managing Hazardous Materials Requirements?

  • 5. Do designated hot work areas meet Company requirments?

  • 6. Is there a permit program in place to control all Hot Work conducted outside Designated Hot Work Areas?

  • 7. Are all necessary precautions implemented for Hot Work performed outside of Designated Hot Work Areas?

  • 8. Has documented training regarding Hot Work taken place for Hot Work Permit Authorizers, Fire Watches and other affected personnel?


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