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  • 1. Are all applicable legal requirements identified, maintained and complied with?

  • 2. Has a documented first aid needs assessment been carried out?

  • 3. Has a documented first aid procedure been established and is it maintained?

  • 4. Is a current listing of relevant emergency contacts, with means to notify them at any time personnel may be at the facility developed and readily available?

  • 5. Have controls to prevent personnel exposure to blood and other body fluids been implemented?

  • 6. Is first aid equipment as specified by the site's first aid needs assessment and first aid procedure provided, clearly identified and readily accessible?

  • 7. Does the facility meet Company and legal requirements with respect to drugs and medication on site?

  • 8. Has a procedure to record, track, analyze and report workplace injuries and illness been implemented?

  • 9. Has a maintenance and inspection program to verify that all first aid supplies and related equipment are available and functional at all times been documented and implemented?

  • 10. Are employees and other affected personnel adequately trained to execute their roles related to provision of first aid?


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