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  • 1. Are all applicable legal requirements identified, maintained and complied with?

  • 2. Has a documented initial assessment of facility activities and operational areas related to flammable liquids to identify and evaluate environmental and worker safety risks been carried out?

  • 3. Have site-specific operating procedures, work instructions and controls relative to the hazards identified in the assessment been developed?

  • 4. Are ignition sources in areas where flammable liquids are stored, handled or dispensed controlled?

  • 5. Are requirements for incidental storage of flammable liquids met?

  • 6. Are requirements for flammable liquids held in staging areas met?

  • 7. Is all powered equipment classified for use in areas where flammable vapor-air mixtures can exist under normal operations?

  • 8. Is all electrical equipment appropriately classified for use where flammable liquids are transferred, dispensed, sampled or otherwise handled?

  • 9. Are all tanks, pipes and equipment used for storage and handling of flammable liquids designed and maintained to prevent electrostatic ignitions?

  • 10. Are tanks holding flammable liquids designed, constructed, installed and maintained in accordance with applicable local regulations (or industry standards in the absence of local regulations)

  • 11. Is ventilation provided in areas in which vapors generated from the handling of flammable liquids are likely to create a fire hazard to keep the concentration below 25% of the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL)?

  • 12. Are drainage and/or containment sized for largest anticipated spill plus firewater provided?

  • 13. Are infrastructure fire control elements as determined necessary for life safety purposes by local and Company requirements, and the site's flammable liquid risk assessment provided?


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