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  • 1. Are all applicable legal requirements identified, maintained and complied with?

  • 2. Has a documented assessment been carried out to identify hazards associated with using material handling equipment on site and the procedures used for the control of these hazards?

  • 3. Are storage racks designed and constructed to securely hold the intended load?

  • 4. Are storage racks used in a manner that minimizes the risk of falling material or rack collapse?

  • 5. Do automated storage systems meet the manufacturer's requirements and the Company's Machine Safeguarding Requirements and Hazardous Energy Control Requirements?

  • 6. Are work practiced that meet Company requirements implemented to minimize the risk of injury as a result of interaction with the pallet or failure of the pallet or load?

  • 7. Do cranes and hoists used by site comply with the Company design requirements?

  • 8. Are documented operating procedures implemented and maintained to ensure safe use of cranes and hoists?

  • 9. Does rigging equipment used by site personnel comply with Company design requirements?

  • 10. Are the Company requirements met in the use of rigging equipment?

  • 11. Is all other material handling not covered above according to the manufacturer's recommendations and in a manner that prevents injury and meeting Company requirements?

  • a. Vacuum, Magnetic and Other Lift Assists

  • b. Pallet Jacks, Equipment Trucks and Carts

  • c. Lift Tables

  • d. Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

  • e. Vehicle Lifts

  • f. Good Lifts and Elevators

  • 12. Is material handling equipment inspected and maintained to ensure that it functions as designed and minimizes any risk of injury?

  • 13. Are affected personnel adequately trained prior to use of any type of material handling equipment such that they can operate it safely?


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