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  • Safety policies and procedures available<br>

  • Safety signs and warning placards are displayed

  • Is there a Incident / Hazard reporting system in place for the Divisions

  • Standard Operating Procedures are available and accessible

Emergency Exits

  • Are emergency exits clearly identified and illuminated

  • Emergency exits are well identified and access to them is unrestricted

  • Do the fire exits open freely

  • Are emergency exits clear of obstructions

  • There is adequate external security lighting at the main entrances and exits

Workplaces / Work Areas

  • Work places kept orderly, clean and uncluttered

  • Are passageways and corridors clear of obstructions (bins, boxes &trip hazards)

  • Floors are kept clear of objects and substances that could cause slips / trips / falls

  • Walkways, stairways, emergency exits and corridors are kept clear to ensure the free passage of persons

  • Are work areas clearly marked with restrictions on access (pedestrian walkways etc)

  • Are staircases provided with an adequate handrail or handhold

  • Is noise level acceptable - you can hear a normal voice within a 1 meter distance

  • Is there sufficient space for foot traffic around work areas and work stations


  • Are the desks suitable for the task to be performed

  • Are the workstations and equipment set up to help reduce awkward posture

  • Are the chairs adjustable and stable

  • Are computer cables are NOT unhorsed or entwined


  • Is the workplace generally clean, tidy and free of dust

  • Has obsolete equipment been moved to a storage area

  • Are toilets, showers, kitchen facilities kept clean and tidy

  • Is there adequate hot and cold water

  • Is there enough seating, tables in the tea rooms


  • Is there sufficient lighting for the performance of tasks

  • Staff are able to control incoming natural light

  • All lights are operating correctly? - flickering or inoperative lights

  • Light fittings are clean and in good order


  • There are no broken or damaged window panes?

  • Windows are clean

  • Window ledges are free of sharp or dangerous materials

Stairs and Landings

  • Handrails are provided and they are safe

  • Landings are clear of obstructions

  • There are no broken or worn treads

Flooring and Work Surfaces

  • Is the floor surface level and smooth

  • Is the surface free of fluid and oil / grease

  • There are NO mats or carpets loose or "dog eared"

Ladders and A frame steps

  • Are portable steps stable

  • There are no broken or missing rungs and no other defects

  • Have the ladders got non slip feet

  • Are they stored appropriately when not in use


  • All electrical leads and equipment is tested and tagged with the current date

  • All GPO's, switches, plugs and sockets in good working order

  • Double adapters are NOT used and temporary leads are NOT used permanently

  • Are switchboards locked and secure

Equipment and Machinery

  • Is there adequate guarding, screens and sound dampening devices on equipment

  • Is equipment / machinery kept in good working order

  • Regular maintenance is carried out on equipment / machinery

  • There is adequate working space around the equipment and machinery


  • Is there adequate storage space

  • Storage racking and shelving is NOT damaged, overloaded or bowed

  • Is all rubbish and excess materials removed from the workplace and stored in a appropriate location

  • Are trolleys stored correctly when not in use

Fire fighting equipment

  • Are fire extinguishers and hoses clearly identified with appropriate signage

  • Have the fire fighting equipment been recently treated and tagged

  • Is the access to the fire fighting equipment clear

Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Substances

  • Are all Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Substances stored correctly

  • Flammable liquid is safely stored and signed

  • Is there adequate ventilation around the Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Substances

  • MSDS sheets are readily accessible and up to date

  • Containers are correctly labeled

  • Personal Protective Equipment is readily available and used when required

  • Is the Hazardous Substance Register readily accessible to staff

Manual Handling

  • Is Manual Handling kept to a minimum

  • Staff do NOT have to perform any difficult lifting

  • There are NO constraints to good body and work posture

First Aid

  • Are First Aid boxes clearly identified

  • Are the emergency contacts and first aides clearly listed and on display

  • Are First Aid kits regularly checked and re-stocked

Workplace Rating

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