Health & Safety

  • Is the OHS policy displayed & visible?

  • On line incident reporting system is understood and accessible to all staff?

  • Has all staff been inducted (local induction)?

  • Are health and safety procedures readily available to all staff?

  • Is the name of the Health & Safety Representative displayed in a prominent position?

  • Copies of completed risk assessments are accessible, stored appropriately and reviewed regularly or when require do?

Environment & Housekeeping

  • Are all work areas free from rubbish?

  • Are workstations suitable for the tasks being performed?

  • Is the area free from slip, trip and fall hazards?

  • Is there sufficient storage space?

  • Is lighting effective?


  • Are double adapters being used (if so remove)?

  • Electrical outlets & power boards are capped with safety plugs?

  • Have all electrical appliances been "tested & tagged" within the last year?

  • Are all power leads and extension leads in good conditions?

  • Are all power leads secured so as not to cause a tripping hazard?

  • Are light switches unobstructed and clearly visible?

  • If a switchboard is located nearby is it secured and unobstructed?

Manual Handling

  • Are there sufficient mechanical aids (trolley, storage containers' pick up sticks)?

  • Are manual handling aids stored so that they are easily accessible to all?

  • Have risk assessments been conducted for all hazardous manual handling tasks?

  • Have all staff been trained in safe manual handling technique?

  • Have manual handling controls been implemented for all reported injuries?

  • Are stored items easily retrieved?

Children's outdoor play spaces & Playground Security

  • Are outside play areas free from sharp objects?

  • Is the play equipment in good conditions?

  • Is all fixed equipment free of entrapment parts?

  • Is the ground around the play climbing equipment cushioned (tan bark)?

  • Sandpits raked and checked for hazardous objects regularly?

  • Locks / padlocks and latches tested and in good working order?

  • Are fences kept in good condition with no holes, gaps, scalable spots?

  • What was the last date of a "lock down" practice?

  • Is external lighting effective and in good working order?

  • Are steps in and out of buildings low enough for young children to Use?

  • Are footpaths slip resistant?

  • Is there appropriate swing zone clear space?

  • Outdoor playground audit actions completed?

  • Are there any "pinch points" on swings?

  • Daily outdoor checklist checked and no outstanding actions?

Children's rooms / Cots Bed linen

  • Floor coverings in good condition with no trip hazards?

  • Tables and chairs in good condition with no sharp edges?

  • Table & chairs set up appropriately to allow safe flow?

  • Paints, glues & scissors stores safely for age appropriate use?

  • Toilets & nappy change area fully stocked with bin liners' nappies, disinfectant, gloves, wipes & paper towels.

  • Heating & cooling environment, dusted, nothing stored on top or in front, temp levels, windows open as appropriate.

  • Toys and equipment in good repair?

  • High chairs clean & in good working order.

  • No cords within children's reach eg curtain/blind cords are securely attached to walls/window frame.

  • Cots free of stickers, string, ribbon, ties, beading and cot bumpers?

  • Cot safely positioned with access on 3 sides?

  • Cots in good repair?

  • Cot mattresses & bed linen in good condition

  • No entrapment hazards?

  • Toys & equipment age appropriate/safe - chocking hazards - under 3 years old

  • Broken/unsafe toys & equipment are stored out of children's reach and labelled "do not use"?

  • Electrical cords are secured safely to wall/window frame

  • Daily indoor checklist checked and no outstanding actions?

Fire safety/ Emergency Procedures

  • Are fire extinguishers signed and visible?

  • Fire extinguishers serviced / tagged every 6 months?

  • Emergency exit signs lit and visible?

  • Emergency evacuation plans displayed prominently throughout the building?

  • Trial emergency procedures conducted every 3 months?

  • Wardens are provided with hats/vests?

First Aid & UV Protection

  • Is there sufficient first aid signage near each kit and is clearly visible?

  • First aid kits are easily accessible to all staff?

  • All educators & staff are up to date with their first aid certification (records)?

  • When was the last practice held for Auto Immune Device (AID)?

  • All staff follow SunSmart practices (wear hats, apply sunscreen, follow UV rating system)

  • Emergency telephone numbers are displayed at every telephone?

Personal Security

  • Is there effective security lighting and is in good working order?

  • Front door security system in good working order?

  • All staff follow correct security procedures? Don't enter building alone if alarm has triggered overnight - don't give anyone personal keypad code - 2 staff to lock up at end of day.

  • Knives, plastic bags, matches etc kept out of children's reach

Chemical Storage & Labelling

  • All chemicals including cleaning products, detergents etc are stored and labelled out of children's reach

  • All chemicals stored separately from food?

  • Medicines (excludes medication which is to stored according to education & care regulations) stored out of children's reach / in appropriate container at a temperature stated on container and clearly labelled?

  • Safet latches on cupboards are in good working order?

Summary of Actions

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