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1. Site Risk Management

  • Is a relevant SWMS available and a Site Risk Assessment (JSA) completed for the work?

  • Has the JSA been signed and dated daily and the SWMS identified?

  • Have sub-contractors (e.g. Traffic Management) been inducted onto the site and signed onto the JSA?

  • Has the Traffic/Pedestrian Management Plan been identified/created and available on site and documented on the JSA?

  • Overall, is the JSA adequate for the worksite?

2. Personnel Protective Equipment

  • Is approved PPE clothing worn and is wrist to ankle coverage maintained?

  • Is approved safety footwear worn?

  • Is other appropriate PPE utilised and in good condition? (e.g. hard hats, hearing and eye protection)?

3. Traffic and Pedestrian Management

  • Has the appropriate Traffic and Pedestrian Management Plan been identified, and does it meet all requirements?

  • Does the actual traffic/pedestrian layout reflect the Traffic/Pedestrian Management Plan?

  • Is pedestrian traffic safely controlled through the worksite?

  • Are traffic signs and devices legible and undamaged?

  • Are suitable barriers provided to protect the public from the work site?

  • Where site is to be left overnight, are adequate protection measures, lighting and night guidance provided?

  • Are traffic management personnel wearing high visibility PPE?

4. Forms/Documentation

  • Is there a job file available on site?

  • Does the job file contain a daily job sheet / work instruction?

  • Does the job file contain a Dial before You Dig information?

  • Does the job file contain a materials list?

  • Does the job file contain design drawings?

  • Does the job file contain switching instructions?

  • Is a hot work permit required and are there any hot work restrictions?

  • Does the job file contain an Application for EAP / HV Suppression?

5. Access Authorities

  • Is there a permit on issue for this work and are all sections completed correctly?

  • Is suppression required and if yes, has an Application for HV Suppression been made?

6. Skills and Competency

  • Do all personnel have Passports on site?

  • Is all training and are all authorisations current for the functional role of the Passport holder?

  • Are all personnel licensed/registered for their functional role?

  • Are apprentices adequately supervised?

7. Vehicles/Plant

  • Are all plant operators licensed as required?

  • Are logbooks available for all plant on site and have they been maintained appropriately?

  • Are EWPs within the electrical test due date?

  • Are EWPs within the weight test due date?

  • Have pre-start checklists been completed?

  • Are all vehicles on site registered?

  • Are all vehicles/plant within their service range?

  • What is the general condition of the vehicles/plant (cleanliness)?

  • Is all equipment carried on vehicles adequately secured?

  • Is there appropriate identification on contractor vehicles?

8. First Aid

  • Is there an intact First Aid kit?

  • Is the kits location marked on the vehicle?

  • Do the contents appear to be complete, in good condition and within expiry dates

9. Tools and Equipment: Testing and Condition

  • Are all electrical tools and PETE items within their test date range?

  • Is all electrical test and measurement equipment in test date?

  • Has any test equipment been modified? (e.g. probes extended)

  • Are gloves and sleeves in test date?

  • Are HV operating gloves, sleeves and mats in test date?

  • Are HV mats and covers in test date?

  • Is lifting tackle in test date?

  • Are HV sticks in test date?

  • Are the gas bottles within expiry date and stored appropriately?

10. Environment and Hazardous Goods

  • Are there any chemicals in use and is there a MSDS available for the chemical??

  • Are any hazardous materials and dangerous goods separately stored and labelled?

  • Are environmental risks identified and controlled in the JSA?

  • Are there effective erosion and/or sediment controls in place?

  • Are there any control measures to manage spills and leaks? (e.g. spill kit)

  • Is Bushfire mitigation equipment available? (e.g. knapsack, rakes permit)

11. Working at Heights

  • Is the correct fall prevention equipment used?

  • Are harnesses, pole belts, lanyards and any other fall prevention equipment in test date?

  • Are Rescue Kits available, in test and in position?

  • Are ladders in use in an adequate condition?

  • Are ladders in use setup correctly?

12. Worksite/Work Practices

  • Effective Safety Observers in place?

  • Adequate cover utilised? (e.g. mats, LV covers, HV covers, etc.)

  • Plant and equipment appropriately set up? (e.g. trucks earthed / bonded, outriggers in use, etc.)

  • Are all isolation points tagged and locked, where applicable?

  • Are appropriate operational Earths/Bonders attached in correct locations and in an adequate condition?

  • Is there a work party earth/bonder?

  • Are Safe Approach Distances maintained?

  • Are conductors adequately controlled?

  • Have UE construction standards (including clearances and offsets) been maintained?

  • Have Neutral tags and other labels been applied?

  • Are appropriate tests being carried out (e.g. megger, NST, polarity, load, phase sequence, phase-out etc.)?

  • Are poles straight and crossarms level?

  • Is all equipment appropriately rated for primary voltage?

  • Are assets built to plan?

  • Is the site tidy with no obvious tripping or other hazards?

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