Title Page

  • Inspection Type: (Site Documents)

  • Contractor:

  • Team:

  • Date:

  • Prepared by:

  • Project Title:

  • ELR & Mileage:
  • Weather & temp:

Key summary and findings

Site documents

  • Work activities on site:

  • Work package plan?

  • SSOW: Mileage and date correct? Cards checked and all signed-in? Safe system suitable for work at site and access to site? Briefed to the team? How is the SSOW maintained? (photos)

  • SSOW pack suitable?

  • Task Brief: Mileage and date correct? All tasks on site contained within? Personnel, equipment, and plant correct? Emergency information correct? Signed and briefed? (photos)

  • Task brief suitable?

  • Risk Assessments: POWRA completed? Site specific hazards listed with appropriate mitigations? Correct date? Signed and briefed? (photos)

  • Work at Height Form? (ADB/DDD Projects)

  • Line Block Approval Form? (if applicable)

  • Risk assessments?

  • ALO form?

  • Daily/weekly work plan?

  • Tool & equipment check sheets?

  • Tool & plant service records?

  • Lift Plans? (if applicable)

  • HAVS forms?

  • Written Third party agreements?

  • Bird nesting form?

  • Ecology recommendations?

  • Operative competencies?

  • First aid competency?

  • LOLER certificates?

  • Additional comments?


Actions to be entered into CMO:

  • Enter an Action, an Action Owner, and an Action Date.
    If N/A, enter “No actions”.

  • 1.

  • 2.

  • 3.

  • 4.

  • 5.

  • 6.

  • 7.

  • 8.

  • All actions have been assigned correctly, and Close Calls recorded where required.

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