• Site Name

  • Inspection / Audit Date

  • Auditor

  • Location

Site details

  • Address
  • Select date

  • Add media

  • Site information

  • Site information clearly displayed at all entrances including ownership and postcode

  • Car park areas clear of obstructions and hazards

Overall Site Presentation Visual Checks

  • Risk Assessments Completed for all areas of park

  • No Immediate Hazards (trip hazards, damaged infrastructure, etc.)

  • No Damage, Vandalism or Graffiti

  • No Unauthorised Use (access, use, storage, signage, vehicles, etc.)

Work Undertaken

  • General Condition of grassed areas

  • Litter & Debris Removed (branches, garden waste)

  • Turf Mown to acceptable height, even cut & clippings evenly distributed

  • Line Trimming of hard edges

  • No Surface Damage caused during maintenance<br>

  • No Damage to Trees caused by brush cutters or mowers

  • Paths & Paved Areas Clean - blown down after mowing

  • Garden Beds

  • Plants Healthy, free of disease with no dead plants or bare areas

  • Borders & Edging intact

  • Weeds in Gardens removed / sprayed

  • Trees

  • Trees Healthy, free of disease, stress, etc

  • No Deadwood - especially playgrounds, above seating, and areas of high use

  • Stakes & Ties intact and effectively used

  • Stumps Removed - where pose trip hazard

Infrastructure Visual Checks - Clean, Intact, & Functional

  • Park Furniture / Facilities

  • Barbecues - clean, intact

  • Dog Bag Dispensers - clean, intact

  • Drinking Fountains, Taps, - no blockages, leaks or silt

  • Rubbish Bins - no damaged to bin or enclosure, no graffiti, no overflowing

  • Seats, Tables & Shelters - clean, intact

  • Water Features - no litter, debris or algae

  • Bollards & Fencing - intact, no damage, adequate coating ( stain / paint)

  • Paths & Paved Areas - no raised areas, trip hazards, etc

  • Signage - intact, good order, no graffiti

  • Utility Services - (electrical boxes, light poles, drains, etc) intact and functional

Playground Areas

  • Play Equipment

  • No Damage, Vandalism, Graffiti or illegal elements

  • Softfall - raked to ensure even distribution, especially under impact areas

  • Softfall Depth - adequate (bark 200-250mm, sand 350mm)

  • Litter & Weeds - softfall free from sharps, foreign objects, litter & weeds

  • Clean Surfaces - all play surfaces free from obstructions, dirt, grime & mould

  • Equipment - all elements secure (no tears, twists, missing or damaged parts)

Buildings and workplaces

  • Fire risk assessment up to date

  • Inflammables stored in fireproof containers

  • Chemicals (COSHH) records up to ate and stored safely.

  • First Aid kit easily identified and up to date

Machinery and equipment

  • PUWER & LOLER inspections up to date

  • Equipment in good condition and undamaged

  • Staff training records up to date

  • PPE available where required

  • Manual Handling instruction given

  • Signature

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