Title Page

  • Vehicle registration number:

  • Date

  • Engineer

  • Current Mileage

Items for Inspection


  • Do tyres have at least 3mm of tread and to correct tyre pressure?

  • Is there a spare available, inflated and has minimum 3mm tread?


  • Are all lights operational?

  • Are brake lights oerarational?

Fluid levels (if any answer is NO, top up to required level before operating)

  • Is the engine oil to the correct level?

  • Is the coolant to the correct level?

  • Is brake fluid to the correct level?

  • Is the windscreen washer bottle at least half full?

Seat Belts

  • Are seat belts undamaged and operate correctly?

General Vehicle condition

  • Is the vehicle interior clean and tidy? (monthly clean out required)

  • Is the vehicle exterior clean? (monthly wash required)

Tools and Equipment

  • Are suitable and sufficent tools on the van?

  • Is all relevant PPE available on the van? (gloves, masks, Covid-19 PPE)

  • Is suffient consumable stock on the van?

  • Is the first aid kits available and fully stocked?

  • Is there a lock available to secure items to roof rack

  • Is the fire extingusher present, unused and charged to the correct level?

  • Does the fire extinguisher show a valid inspection date on label? (within 12 months of stated date)

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