• Conducted on

  • Inspection No.

  • Inspector

  • Audit Title

  • Lease Contract Number

  • Lease Account Manager (LAM) or COTR Name / Telephone

  • Lease Contracting Officer Name / Telephone

  • Building Number

  • Rentable Square Feet

Lease Location and Information

  • Building Name

  • Building Address
  • Number of Employees

  • Lease Expiration Date

  • HSPD-12


  • Energy Star requirements met?

  • LEED Certified?

  • Computer or Server Room present?

  • Date of last Tentant Satisfaction Survey (TSS)

  • TSS Score

  • TSS Response Rate

Cyclical Maintenance


  • Carpet replacement last completed

  • Carpet replacement next due


  • Cyclic painting last completed

  • Cyclic painting next due

Lessor and Customer Agency Information


  • Lessor Name

  • Lessor Telephone


  • Agency Representative Name

  • Agency Representative Telephone

  • Agency Representative Email

Management Company

  • Mgmt Company Name

  • Mgmt Company Address
  • Mgmt Company Email

  • After Hours Telephone

Non-Fully Serviced Leases

  • Is this a fully-serviced lease?

  • Are additional services provided?

  • Additional Services

  • Utility
  • Which utilities are provided?

Fire Life & Safety

  • Date of last Safety Inspection

  • Date of last Fire Drill

  • Have fire extinguishers been serviced?

  • Date fire extinguishers were last serviced

A. Periodic Services

  • For section A. Periodic Services, please enter a comment identifying the frequency for each requirement.

  • A. Mop & spray buff resilient floor

  • B. Damp wipe toilet partitions, etc.

  • C. Entrance mats

  • D. High cleaning

  • E. Strip and wax floors

  • F. Shampoo corridor and lobby carpets

  • G. Shampoo other office carpets

  • H. Drapery cleaning

  • I. Venetian Blind cleaning

  • J. Wall covering replacement

  • K. Window washing

B. First Impressions: Grounds/Parking/Lobby

Building Exterior

  • Walls are in good repair (not chipped, cracked, or damaged; paint in good condition).

  • Entry doors are clean and in good repair.

  • Handicap door is available and functional.

  • Waste bins / cigarette receptacles are accessible and clean.

  • Overall appearance is not run down.

  • Exterior appears to be in good condition.

  • Roofing appears to be in place with no missing shingles or tiles.


  • Parking lot, sidewalks, steps, ramps, driveways and loading dock areas are free of debris.

  • Parking spaces are clearly marked with bumpers/curbs in place.

  • Directional signs are adequate.

  • Landscaping is well maintained.

  • Lighting / lens are intact and not burning during daylight hours.


  • Waste bins are available and clean.

  • Interior signage is adequate.

  • Main lobby and public areas are clean and litter free.

C. Breakrooms and Kitchenette

  • Sink is in good condition (hot and cold water work; faucets not dripping or worn; sink not stained, chipped, dented, or worn).

  • Backsplash is clean and without spots.

  • Paper and soap dispensers are working and stocked.

  • Waste bins are clean.

D. Finishes and Stairwells


  • Ceiling tiles not stained, cracked, broken or<br>missing.

  • Light fixtures working; lenses not cracked, broken or missing. Bulbs/tubes in place.


  • Carpet in good condition without rips, tears, stains, or badly worn areas.

  • Floor tile in good condition without loose, cracked, or missing tiles.

  • Cove base is securely fastened to the wall; no missing sections; colors matching.


  • Paint is not peeling, flaking, or mismatched; not too badly soiled for cleaning.

  • Electrical outlets appear to be in working order (spot checked).

  • Wall covering is not torn, stained, or peeling from the surface. Repairs match.

  • Walls in good condition; no holes or sloppy patching.


  • Window blinds are clean and in good shape, i.e. blinds are not bent; tapes and cords are not damaged, drapes in good shape without holes, tears, or missing sections.

  • Window coverings are in good condition, without tears, sagging hems, or missing hooks or panels.

  • Windows and window seals are without cracks, holes, or drafts.


  • Doors in good condition; clean, open, close, and latch properly without scraping the doorframe; not warped.

  • Locksets are intact and easily operable.


  • No egress obstructions, well maintained, illuminated, emergency lighting, directional signage in place, and clean.

E. Restrooms / Locker Rooms


  • Sinks are clean and in good condition.

  • Faucets provide hot and cold water, are securely fastened, and are not leaking.

  • Exposed pipe under ADA sink is properly wrapped.


  • Toilets are in good condition, can be flushed, and are not leaking or running.

  • Partitions and stalls are in clean and in good condition.

  • Toilet seat and bowl are securely fastened to its fixture (wall or floor) and are not broken.

  • Toilet paper holder is properly secured, is without damage, and is stocked.


  • Shower stalls are in good working order and cleaned regularly.

  • Floor drains are clean and without odors.


  • Adequate supplies, i.e. soap, paper towels, toilet seat covers, and sanitary napkins all with working dispensers in good condition.

F. Offices and Corridors

  • Waste bins are not overflowing and appear to be emptied daily.

  • Main traffic areas (floors) are clean and show only one day's accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris.

  • Carpet not spotted or having appearance of not being cleaned for more than one week.

  • Horizontal furniture surfaces and chair rails are dust free or appear to have been cleaned within the last week.

  • Drinking fountains have no soil or lime deposits. Fountains show no visible signs of damage and the water pressure is adequate.

G. Elevators

  • Elevators are well maintained, illuminated, clean, leveling properly, and emergency phones are operational.

  • Emergency elevator telephone tested to reach operator.

  • Elevator inspection certificate is posted and current.

H. Safety and Environmental

  • Tenant agency is not engaged in unsafe work practices, i.e. permanent use of extension cords, improper storage of chemical, and is not blocking exits, isles, or stairways.

  • Has any spill or release of hazardous materials occurred?

  • Is any disposal of hazardous waste planned?

  • Lessor is not engaged in unsafe work practices, i.e. permanent use of extension cords, improper storage of chemical, and is not blocking exits, isles, or stairways.

  • Sprinkler heads are intact, clean, and unobstructed.

  • Deficient items from last Safety and Environmental survey have been corrected.

  • Fire extinguishers in common areas are wall mounted, and inspection tags are current.

  • Battery pack emergency lighting appears effective (spot checks).

  • Exit signs are illuminated for egress.

  • Integrated Pest Management Plan is in place.

I. Utility / Energy

  • The HVAC system fans are quiet and operating properly. Temperatures are consistent throughout space; no areas noticeably warmer or colder areas.

  • The temperature settings/actual temperatures are within lease requirements.

  • The HVAC system operates during the agency's official working hours.

  • Meter readings were taken for GSA contracted utilities only. Readings are above or below readings on the most recent invoices.

J. Preventive Maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance for above standard lease equipment is being performed in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.

K. Sustainability

  • Recycling program is operating effectively, with containers & service in place. Tenants are aware and informed of the program

  • The lessor has provided recycling records.

  • Is facility meeting GSA's goal to divert at least 30% of waste from landfills?

  • The lessor's service providers, notably for janitorial and landscaping work, are using Comprehensive Procurement Guideline (CPG) items, environmentally preferable products, equipment, and practices.

  • Lessor has responded to the environmental products and recycling letter.

  • Are energy efficient upgrades or Energy Star certifications required by the lease?

  • Lessor has made energy efficient upgrades or achieved Energy Star certification and provided documentation within the required time frame.

  • Is LEED certification required by the lease?

  • Lessor has obtained LEED certification and provided documentation within the required time frame.

Summary Comments

  • Summary comments and remarks.

  • Inspector

  • GSA Property Manager

  • Lessor Representative

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