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Recurring Services

New Recurring RWA's

  • All agency equipment is physically accounted for.

  • Estimates are valid.

  • Line items are all identified.

  • Source information is documented.

  • Adjustments for equipment changes are documented.

  • Estimates were prepared by August 1st.

  • Estimates were submitted to the customer with a cover letter and blank RWA form by September 1st.

  • Estimates were accepted and submitted with completed RWA from the customer by November 1st.

Incidental Usage for Recurring RWA's

  • Current FY estimated usage is verified after March.

  • Amendments are prepared and submitted to customer by Aug.1st

  • Accepted/Signed Amendments are submitted to R7RWA by Sept. 1st

Non-Recurring Services

  • RWAs are sent to the centralized mailbox within 5 day of customer receipt.

  • Estimates are prepared within 15 to 30 days of receipt.

  • RWAs are accepted with 30 to 45 days of receipt.

  • Accepted RWAs are signed and include all necessary data before being sent to the central mailbox for input into RETA.

  • Obligations are processed promptly.

  • Expenses/accruals are processed promptly.

  • Has the service center constructively supported the regional goal to close out RWAs in a timely fashion?

F-type RWA's

  • F-type RWA’s are reviewed after 2nd and 3rd quarter to ensure the authorized amount is still accurate.

A, B, D, and N-type RWA's

  • Acquisition Plans are prepared and noted in the RWA file for RWAs over $150,000.

  • Milestone Dates are noted and up to date in the RWA file - Award, NTP, Completion, etc.

  • Inspection Reports are readily available in RWA file and include the percentage of completion.

  • Observe and verify that RWAs are monitored each month and have updated statuses.

  • RWAs are checked for no current activity and older RWAs for expiring funds.

  • RWA completion dates recorded in RETA within 30 days of project substantial completion.

  • Completion dates are compared to Inspection reports or PMs documentation for accuracy.


  • Is the Service Center's total RWA throughput (taking into account cycle time, completion percentage, and volume) within 5% of historical norms based on the RWA cycle time measure?


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  • Program Reviewer

  • Field Office Representative

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