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  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location


  • Building Number / Name

  • Address
  • Please describe how this review is being conducted.

Lease Management

  • Does the Office have a Lease Management Program in place?

  • Count of leases in inventory

  • Rentable Sq Ft

  • Have findings from previous reviews been addressed?

Administrative Procedures

  • Does the Office maintain Lease Management files?

  • Are the files organized in an easy to understand system (eg, by Building Number or Lease Number)?

  • Is all essential documentation included in the lease file?

  • Count of lease files reviewed

  • Does the Office have any delegated or COR leases within its inventory?

  • Count of Delegated leases

  • Count of COR leases

  • Is a schedule established for the annual inspection of each lease?

  • Are inspections being performed timely?

  • Are the inspection results communicated to the Lessor's Rep and the Realty Specialist?

  • Is follow-up conducted to ensure resolution?

  • Does the Office have a process for incorporating new leases into its inventory?

  • Describe the process for incorporating new leases into its inventory.

  • Does the Office have a process for dealing with expiring leases?

  • Does this include communicating to business line associates such as Realty Specialists and FPS Specialists?

  • Describe the process for dealing with expiring leases.

  • Have previous findings been addressed?

  • Are the files in a common, secure, accessible location?

Tenant Interviews

  • Assess the performance of the Lease Management Program by conducting on-site interviews. Select tenants in buildings with 20 or more people (same criteria as the Customer Satisfaction Survey performance measure).

  • Number of interviews conducted


  • Program Compliance

  • Program Reviewer

  • Field Office Representative

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