• Building Number / Name

  • Address
  • Please describe how this review is being conducted.


  • Is the custodial contract performance based with measurable performance standards (quality, timeliness, quantity, assurance plan)?

  • Is there a copy of a current Quality Control Plan for each contract or purchase order on file?

  • Is there a Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) in place for each building services’ contract?

  • Is there a proper understanding of the QASP and how it is used in evaluating contractor(s) performance?

  • Are the QASP related forms (Contract Inspection Report-1181A, COR’s checklist for inspections, QASP monthly inspection report, Quality Deficiency Notices-GSA3539) being utilized?

  • Is proper notification given to the contractor(s) in regards to deficiencies and appropriate timelines for re-performance?

  • Do contractor(s) know when to inform the Contracting Officer of issues?

  • Is there an awareness of the vacant space reductions formula in the contract and how to apply the vacant space reduction formula?

  • Is there proper documentation for the contract file?

  • Is there an effective CMMS service call system in place and does the office review service call reports on a scheduled basis?

  • Is there an Integrated Pest Management Program (where applicable) in place? (EQc3.6; SSc3)

  • Are green cleaning methods and products being used and sustainable products being purchasing? (MRp1)

  • Are there regular meetings between the Government and Contractor documented in the file?

  • Other than the QCP, are there copies of all other required submittals, i.e. maintenance schedule, MSDS, IDL for irrigation system, floor maintenance schedule, environmentally preferable products, commercial price list for Periodic Services, etc.?

  • Are water efficient landscaping practices being utilized? (WEc3)


  • Are the building entrances clean and well maintained?

  • Are the lobby areas clean and well maintained?

  • Are the corridors clean and well maintained?

  • Are the elevators clean?

  • Are the office spaces cleaned per the performance standards in the contract?

  • Are the restrooms cleaned per the performance standards in the contract?

  • Do the building stairwells meet the performance standards in the contract?

  • Are the foodservice dining areas cleaned per the performance standards in the contract, if applicable?

  • Are the health units cleaned per the performance standards in the contract, if applicable?

  • Do the parking facilities meet the performance standards in the contact?

  • Are other areas unique to the facility (e.g. border station booths, canopies, etc.), not noted above well maintained and clean?


  • Program Compliance

  • Program Reviewer

  • Field Office Representative

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