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Previous inspections and actions

  • Are there any outstanding action items arising from previous contacts, internal audits, inspections, incidents etc?

  • Have the created actions been effective in addressing the issues raised?

Hydrocarbon / chemical management

  • Are storage facilities adequate?

  • Are drums stored correctly and sealed?

  • Is there evidence of spills or leaks?

  • Are spill kits stocked adequately?

  • Is the integrity of bunding maintained?

  • Are products stored together compatible (check MSDS)?

  • Are MSDS present and in date?

  • Is an authorised Chemical Representative on site for chemical / hydrocarbon management?

  • Has a chemical audit been conducted within the last 12 months for the project and contractors?

  • Is there adequate signage?

Non-mineral waste

  • Has waste been segregated and recycled appropriately? Including medical waste bins.

  • Are there an adequate number of bins?

  • Has controlled waste been correctly tracked?

Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • Has water quality monitoring been conducted in line with the licence requirements?

  • Have flow readings for discharge been recorded?

  • Are sprayfields operating adequately?

  • Has controlled waste been correctly tracked?


  • Are there any weeds present?

Feral animal / fauna management

  • Have there been feral animal sightings?

  • Have feral animal traps been set?

  • Have personnel completed snake handling training?

Environmental reporting

  • Has data been collected for reporting including fuel, waste and camp occupancy etc?

Work area checks

  • Is the fire break adequate?

  • Is the washdown bay adequately managed? Including sedimentation control.

  • Is the work shop adequately managed?

  • Are fuel storage / refuelling areas adequately managed?

Paperwork checks

  • Have camp staff completed adequate trained?

  • Has a Planning Emergency Response Plan (PERP) been developed?


  • Are there any other arising issues?

Findings and actions


  • Environmental Representative

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  • Work area representative

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