• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel


  • Did the person being observed attend the daily pre start meeting?

  • Is the task being conducted covered by a JSEA or Procedure?

  • Has the person being observed signed the JSEA or Procedure?

  • Has a Take 2 been completed for the task? (if NO, then please detail reasons)

  • Are all site management rules being complied with during the task? (PPE requirements, traffic management, etc)

  • Does the person being observed have the appropriate competencies required for the task?

  • Has a Pre Start Check been completed for the items of plant being used?

  • Is all plant being used for the task fit for purpose and in a safe and serviceable condition?

  • Is the working environment safe to complete the task? (bund walls in place, weather conditions, etc)

  • Is adequate communication being used between workers completing the task? (two way radios, visual, etc?)

Instructions or Advice Provided to Person Being Observed?

  • Instructions Provided

  • Advice Provided

  • Positive Feedback to Observed Person

  • Opportunities for Improvement


  • Person Conducting Observation

  • Person being Observed

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