1. General: Are evacuation diagrams that provide emergency and evacuation information displayed in all facilities in accordance with Questions 2, 3, 4 and 5 of this checklist?

2.1 Number - Are evacuation diagrams displayed in locations where occupants and visitors are able to view the diagrams?

2.2 Location - Have the location within the facility and number of evacuation diagrams been determined by the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC)?

3. Position - Is / Are the evacuation diagram(s) positioned within a zone at a height not less than 1200 mm and not more than 1600 mm above the plane of the finished floor?

4. Orientation - Do individual evacuation diagrams have the correct orientation with regard to their direction of egress and its location to the ‘YOU ARE HERE’ point? Where an assembly area diagram is included, does the assembly diagram area have the same orientation to the rest of the diagram?

5. Minimum elements - The following shall be included in each evacuation diagram:

5 (a) A pictorial representation of the floor or area, which shall be at least 200 mm × 150 mm.

5 (b) The title ‘EVACUATION DIAGRAM’.

5 (c) The ‘YOU ARE HERE’ location.

5 (d) The designated exits in the facility, which shall be green.

5 (e) The following communications equipment, where installed:

(i) Warden intercommunication points (WIPs), which shall be red.

(ii) Manual call points (MCPs), which shall be red and emergency call points (ECPs), which shall be coloured white, or have a black border.

(iii) Main controls/panels for the occupant warning equipment.

5 (f) Hose reels, which shall be red.

5 (g) Hydrants, which shall be red.

5 (h) Extinguishers, which shall be red with an additional appropriate colour as specified in AS/NZS 1841.1.

5 (i) Fire blankets, which shall be coloured red.

5 (j) Fire indicator panel (FIP), if provided.

5 (k) Refuges, if present.

5 (l) Validity date.

5 (m) Location of assembly area(s), either stated in words or pictorially represented.

5 (n) A legend, which shall reflect the symbols used.

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