• How many unneeded or damaged items are in the work center? (Unneeded items laying on the floor, parts outside defined quantities in cell (compared to min/max levels, home-made tools, Exceeded flammable items or hazardous materials on work and inspection tables, food or personal items.)

  • Is there any obsolete or unneeded paperwork in Work Area? (Forklift Checklists, Audit Sheets, Meeting Notices, etc.)

Set In Order

  • How many obsolete locations are there in the area? (Outdated emergency signs, eyewash, fire extinguisher or any emergency response equipment markers, PPE Signs)

  • How many items do not have a specified location? (Safety or PPE items, LOTO Fixtures, Emergency equipment or tools including spill kits, Lifting Devices, pallet jacks, etc.)

  • How many required items are NOT in their specified location?

  • How many control panels do not have all of their buttons labeled legible? (All findings are considered a SAFETY finding.)

  • How many required tools and materials are not present and arranged on tool boards, drawers or defined place at work station. (Look for sharp points or edges that are exposed that could cause injury to team member.)

  • How many items being used throughout a shift (repetitive tasks) are not located close to the point of use and in the right position? (Purchase parts, hand tools, shipping materials.)

  • How many things, including cleaning supplies, being used daily/weekly are not properly stored (location identified) near the work area? (Are there 5S carts or boards available where the operators use them?)

  • Are all safety devices / guards present and working?

  • Are all fire extinguishers and emergency devices clearly visible / identified / ready to use and their access unobstructed?

  • How many obsolete or damaged visual aids (Quality, Area Identification, Safety, etc.) are in the area?

  • Are the conduit / piping in the area identified accordingly to domestic regulation? (Water, Steam, Oil, Compressed Air, etc.)

  • Are aisles, equipment and floors maintained and properly marked? (Walkways, Electrical Cabinets, Cardboard and Trash receptacles)

  • Are sources of contamination identified? (Shavings, graphite, oil, etc.)

  • Are visuals of 'normal conditions' posted in the area? (Min / Max Levels, label of all parts, etc.)


  • Is the area clean (including machines) - free of dust, grease excess, flakes or oil?

  • Are there loose cables or improper fixes on the machines, walls or furniture in the area?

  • Are inspection and work stations, tool panels, drawers and cabinets clean?

  • Is the paint of the machines, racks and walls in good shape?

  • Are the floor delimitations in good condition?

  • How many floor mats are damaged or in bad condition?

  • Is required PPE posted and every individual using it in clean and good shape?

  • Only proper containers are being used and without mixed parts/materials/waste?

  • Do cleaning supplies have a location/labeled in the area?

  • Are there leaks in the area? (Air, water, oil and / or grease)


  • Are Lock Out tag out procedures being followed on all equipment.

  • Do area team members action plans exist on their audit results with due dates being accomplished?

  • Are important performance indicators present in work area and updated? (No more than weekly for TIB and monthly for HPT boards.)

  • Are locations for materials and tools standardized at all similar processes in the area?

  • Can things needed by operator be located quickly- less than 30 seconds. (Easy to get, easy to return.)

  • Is the housekeeping schedule and Visual Standard of ideal being followed in the work area?

  • Are the PM Schedules being followed and completed?

  • Are all equipment's working according to specified parameters? (Visually managed. 'Red, Green, Yellow'0

  • Are the Min / Max levels for materials in the area visually identified and being followed? (Racks that limit the amount they can hold. Red, Yellow, Green markings, etc.)


  • Are there unneeded items without red tags or are red tags overdue?

  • Is there progress being made on a monthly basis on the 5S Audit scores in each area of the plant?

  • Are team members aware of the 5S's? (What / Why / When?)

  • Are there 5S action plans and owners showing actions accomplished over the last quarter?

  • Is there a 5S Deployment Plan for the plant?

  • Is there an audit planfor all areas of the plant that is documented and followed?

  • Does the audit team include representation from all areas of the organization? (Team member, Supervisor, Manager, Staff)

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