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Audit Of Plant Rooms


  • External Signage; are all applicable external signs in place. Consider; No unauthorised access, boilers, air compressor, generators, noise, HV/LV, Gas, SVS rooms, etc.

  • Internal Signage; are there sufficient signs in place. Consider first aid, electric shock, fire action notices, fire directional signs, machine guards, emergency shut off buttons, safety notices, lock off signs, shut off valves etc.

First Aid

  • If installed, is the first aid box fully stocked and products in date. Is any eye wash stations fully stocked, is any ear plug stations fully stocked<br>

House Keeping

  • Are house keeping standards satisfactory, no accumulation of rubbish or old equipment, no evidence of being used as a break area, any spares are stored safely and tidy

General Plant Condition

  • Is the plant area safe, are there any signs of pipes or joints leaking, panel lamps fully working, faulty gauges, missing thermal insulation etc. which require repair.

Electrical Safety

  • Carry our a Visual check of all equipment, cabinets, cables, trunking, conduits, sockets etc. Are these safe and free from damage. Are any Portable Appliances PAT tested and in date.


  • Plant rooms may have frost protection, is there a notice indicating the location of the frost protection and is the frost protection set for a min of 3 deg.


  • Is all the installed lighting working, Is there sufficient installed lighting to safely carryout the assigned tasks within area.

Emergency Lighting

  • Is there sufficient emergency lighting installed. Is there a key switch to allow testing. Does the emergency lighting work (test at key switch)


  • Is any ventilation installed working and not obstructed.

Building Condition Survey

  • Is the area safe, room weatherproof, no damage to walls, doors, windows, any floors that require repair, are there any breaches in fire compartmentation. Is any painting required

Chemical Safety

  • Are all chemicals stored safely, are the COSHH sheets adjacent and in date.

Safe means of access and egress

  • Are all plant rooms doors are secure. Are all escape routes unobstructed and safe to use.

Slips Trips and Falls

  • Is the area safe, are changes in floor height highlighted, step edges highlighted, are there any trailing cables or low level pipes that need protection

Fire Extinguishers

  • Are there any fire extinguishers and are they in date.

  • Is the area safe, are any missing fire extinguishers or are additional extinguished required

Plant safety shut off buttons

  • Are any emergency plant shut down buttons clearly labelled and in full working order


  • Is there any, or is there a risk of any asbestos located within the room.

  • Is any know asbestos clearly labelled and in good condition

  • Is any asbestos on the asbestos register


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