Jobsite Management / Details

Jobsite Management

  • Division

  • Project Manager

  • Superintendent

Current Jobsite Task(s) / Employee Counts

  • Current Jobsite Task(s) Being Completed (by Section of Jobsite if Applicable)

  • Total No. of Ace Personnel On-Site

  • Total No. of Temporary Personnel On-Site

Current Jobsite Pictures

  • Pictures

Audit Details by Category

General Requirements

  • Written Safety & Health Plan Onsite? (Ace's Safety Manual)

  • Drinking Water Provided?

  • Superintendent's Weekly Safety Inspections being completed?

  • Toolbox Safety Meetings being completed?


  • Are First-Aid Kits available and properly stocked?

  • Eyewash Station provided?

  • Are all Emergency Phone Numbers posted?

  • Are employees aware of the address of the site & capable of giving directions to emergency crews?

  • Are CPR/First-Aid Trained personnel onsite?

Hazardous Communication

  • Hazardous Communications Manual onsite?

  • Do all Ace and Temporary Employees know where the Hazcom Manual is located?

Hoisting and Rigging

  • Are mechanical devices being use in place of manual handling of material?

  • Are ropes, slings, chains, hooks, cables, chokers and other rigging equipment in good condition?

  • Proper staging methods used to minimize lifting and carrying?

  • Proper Rigging Methods used for the application?

  • Hoisting and Rigging Equipment stored properly?

Housekeeping: Slips, Trips, & Falls

  • Are walking and working surfaces clear and free of debris?

  • Are waste/trash containers provided and being used?

  • Is there regular removal of waste and trash from the containers?

  • Is temporary storage of materials and supplies done in an organized fashion?


  • Are all switchgear, panels, and device that are energized marked and guarded?

  • Are lockout devices available and being used on circuits that could become energized while being worked on?

  • Are all temporary circuits properly guarded and grounded?

  • Are extension cords in continuous lengths without splices?

  • Are GFCI's being used?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Are all personnel observed wearing Ace's mandatory PPE? (Hard Hats, Glasses, Gloves, Vests, Boots)

  • Is extra PPE onsite?

  • Is hearing protection available for personnel that may be exposed to noisy conditions?

  • Are face shields being used when debris can hit the face? (I.e. Grinding, Drilling overhead, etc.)


  • Is all equipment (aerial/scissor lifts, excavators, trenchers, forklifts, etc.) inspections being completed and documented?

  • Are all personnel operating equipment certified/qualified on the said equipment?

Fall Protection

  • Fall Protection Being Used at Heights > 6'

  • Guardrails Installed & Support 200lbs of Lateral Force

  • Floor Covers Adequate, Secured, & Labeled

  • PFAS (Harness, Lanyard, Connecting Component) in Good Condition

  • PFAS (Harness, Lanyard, Connecting Component) Being Used Properly

  • Proper Anchorage Tie-off Point Being Used

  • Ramp / Walkway, Open Sides, Edges, Holes Protected

Fire Protection

  • Fire Extinguisher Available, Proper Type (ABC or D), & Inspected

  • Safety Fuel Containers Used with Self-Closing Lids

  • Bulk Fuel Storage Properly Guarded & Labeled with Containment System

  • Flammables Properly Stored

Hand & Power Tools

  • Condition of Tools Including Information Labels

  • Tool Cords (Cuts, Frays, Ground Prong, Strain-Relief)

  • Monthly Inspection Color-Code on Tool

  • Guards In Place

  • Tools Being Used Properly with Appropriate Accessories

Hazardous Communications

  • Manual Present On-Site & Readily Available

  • Employees Trained

  • Hazardous Materials Stored Properly

  • Proper Labels


  • Designated Parking for Personnel

  • Trash in Containers / Walkways Clear / Slip, Trip, & Fall Hazards

  • Connex Cleanliness / Organization

  • Impalement Hazards (Rebar Caps)

  • Clear Access to Building / Site


  • Ladders Inspected Prior to Use

  • Monthly Inspection Color-Code on Ladders

  • Ladders In Good Condition

  • Stepladders Being Used Properly

  • Extension / Straight Ladders Being Used Properly

  • Job-Built Ladders Constructed & Being Used Properly

  • Debris at Base of Ladders


  • Personnel Observed Wearing Mandatory PPE (Hard Hat, Glasses, Gloves, Vest, Boots)

  • Personnel Observed Wearing Other PPE as Necessary (Face Shield, Clothing, Hearing Protection, etc.)


  • Competent Person Present

  • Inspected Daily

  • Personnel Trained

  • Scaffolding in Good Condition


  • Stairway Treads & Landings Filled

  • Debris on Stairway

  • Stairway Railings

  • Stairway Illuminated

Welding & Cutting

  • Hot Work Permit Completed

  • Safety Watch & Fire Extinguisher Present

  • Flash Protection Available

  • Equipment in Adequate Condition

  • Equipment Stored Properly

CAD Welding

  • CADWELD Plus (Electric Strike) System Used

  • Employees Properly Trained

  • Employees Wearing Leather Gloves & Following CADWELD Safety Procedures

Audit Summary

Audit Comments

  • Comments


  • Safety Coordinator

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