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Office Furniture

  • Have all cupboards been installed

  • Are keys available

  • Have all shelfs been installed

  • Have all desks been installed

  • Have all partitions been installed

  • Have all pedestals been installed?

  • Are sockets installed

  • Are LAN connections installed and tested

  • Are LAN cables available on each desk

  • Is the welcome package available

  • Have the cupboards been cleaned

  • Have desks been cleaned

  • Are separate waste bins available

  • Are aisles created as planned (main aisles above 1.2m)

  • Lights ok

  • Is ceiling ok

  • Is floor / carpet ok (properly installed and no holes)

  • Are escape routes marked

  • Rooms are clean

  • Other observations

Huddle Rooms

  • Are table and chairs available as planned

  • Are telephones installed

  • Are LCDs installed

  • Are LAN connections tested

  • Are LAN cables available

  • Are glass doors labeled

  • Are rooms labeled

  • Is the AC system labeled and instructions are available

Printer Rooms

  • Are printers functional

  • Is paper available

  • Is the printer description posted

Sanitary Rooms

  • Are sanitary rooms accessible

  • Is room signage ok

  • Are toilets functional

  • Are sinks functional

  • Are consumables available (soap, paper, towels)

  • Rooms are clean

Meeting Rooms

  • Are tables and chairs available as per plan

  • Are power sockets, LAN/VGA connectors installed and tested

  • Is the projector ok

  • Are the GBS standard guidelines posted

  • Is room signage ok

  • Are flipcharts, pens and paper available

  • Is the AC system labeled and instructions are available

  • Rooms are clean

Kitchenette or coffe corners

  • Coffee machine installed and functional

  • Consumables available (sugar, milk, towels, spoons, papercups)

  • Cups available

  • Sink installed and functional

  • Fridge installed and functional

  • Ceiling ok

  • Rooms are clean


  • Are stairs accessible

  • Ceiling and floor ok

  • Rooms are clean

  • Other observations

  • Signature of person inspecting

  • Signature of person attending 1 (e.g. Supplier, PM)

  • Signature of person attending 2 (e.g. Supplier, PM)

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