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  • Test 10

  • Pre Start Up Check Sheet Slicing Bagging Area Slicer Two

  • Canberra

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

  • Date and Time of Audit

  • Carried Out By:


  • Are the date codes correct and legible ?

  • Please add photo


  • Are all guards in place ?

  • Visually check the Slicer Area

  • Visually check the bagger area

  • Visually check the Kwik Lok

  • Visually check the Checkweigher ?

  • Check for any Lock Out Tags or Locks ?

  • Is all machinery clear and safe, ready for start up ?

  • Is anyone working on the machines ?

  • Are all Emergency Stops free of damage and in working order ?

  • Is the area clear of any slips, trips and fall hazards in working area ?


  • Have all waste bins been emptied ?

  • Are all waste bins clean ?

  • Have all bread crumb catch trays been emptied ?

  • Are all boxes of bread bags off floor ?

  • Are all forms filled out and up to date ?

  • Are the lights and covers intact ?

  • Is the inside of the slicer cleaned ?

  • Has the bagger been cleaned?

  • Is the Checkweigher clean ?

  • Has the floor been swept ?

  • Supervisor Signoff

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