1. Site Control - H&S Compliance

  • 1.1Have the pre-start risk assessments been completed?

  • 1.2 Have all contractors/workers/visitors signed in and out on the SSSP?

  • Photo of sign in sheet for contractors/workers and/or ID cards.

  • 1.3 Have the contractors listed any additional hazards they bring to the site on the Hazard Register?

  • 1.5 Are there hazard boards displayed?

  • 1.6 Is the area clear of debris and tripping hazards?

  • 1.7 Is there an accident/incident register on site?

  • Photo of site:

2.0 Personal Safety Equipment

  • 2.1 All personnel wearing the appropriate PPE?

  • 2.2 What PPE is the trade/contractor wearing?

  • 2.2 Is the PPE in good condition?

  • Enter comments on non-conforming PPE

  • Photos of non-conforming PPE

  • 2.3 Is the trades respirator in good condition? Is it stored correctly?

3.0 First Aid/Fire Prevention

  • 3.1 Is there a First Aid Kit onsite?

  • 3.1.1 is the First Aid kit fully stocked and compliant?

  • Minimum requirement for First Aid Kit

  • Comments on non-compliant First Aid Kit

  • 3.2 Is there a Fire Extinguisher onsite?

  • 3.2.1 Is the Fire Extinguisher compliant. (Serviced annually)

4.0 Electrical Equipment

  • 4.1 Do all electrical equipment have a current tag?

  • Check a minimum of 5 items for tag and test compliance

  • Comments on non compliant equipment

  • 4.2 Are all electrical equipment plugged into RCD's?

  • 4.3 Are all Leads safely placed and in good condition?

  • 4.4 Are all power tools in good working order?

  • 4.5 Are all electrical leads protected in high traffic areas?

  • 4.6 Are all leads clear of water?

  • Photo's of non-compliant equipment.

5.0 Ladders

  • 5.1 Are all ladders a commercial grade?

  • 5.2 Are the Ladders in a good condition?

  • 5.3 Are the ladders being used in the correct manner?

  • 5.4 Is the ladder set up on a firm surface?

  • 5.5 Are the step ladder lock bars in place?

  • 5.6 Is the trade working no higher than the 3rd step down?

  • Photos of Ladder Usage

  • 5.7 Fall arrest equipment in good condition.

  • 5.8 Is the appropriate equipment being used for the task?

  • Photo's of height work

6.0 Scaffolding/Edge Protection

  • 6.1 Is the scaffolding erected right for the job?

  • 6.2 Has the scaffolding been erected by a certified scaffolder if over 5m in height?

  • 6.3 Scaf tag/ scaffold register up to date?

  • is the intermediate rail in place?

  • 6.4 Are guard rails in place?

  • 6.5 Is there a toe board in place?

  • 6.6 Are the platforms adequate, 3 planks minimum. Are the platforms secured?

  • 6.7 Are the base plates and sole plates adequate for the job?

  • 6.8 Have any electrical mains cables been sheathed/covered? Have there been gates installed either side to isolate cables?

  • Photos of scaffolding

7.0 Environmental

  • Has any environmental testing been done eg. Lead Paint Testing, Asbestos Testing?

  • If yes what testing was done?

  • Has this information been added to the SSSP?

  • 7.1 Is all waste been disposed of correctly?

  • 7.2 Are the correct environmental procedures in place?

  • 7.3 Details of environmental non-compliance.

  • Photo's of environmental issues.

8.0 Corrective Actions

  • Enter any corrective actions that need to be undertaken.

9.0 Sign Off

  • On site representative signature

  • Auditor's signature

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