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Induction Process

  • Did the contractor induct the auditor onto the site?

  • Is there evidence of visitor and subcontractor induction and supervision?

  • Is supervision adequate?

Hazard & Risk Management

  • Is there a site Hazard/Risk register?

  • Has the register been completed and that the site Hazard Board reflect these hazards?

  • Has the site hazard board been updated and is it accurate?


  • Are there toilet amenities available?

  • Are the smoko/break facilities available?

  • Are there First Aid Kits on site?

  • Are they stocked and material within their expiry date?

General Site Assessment

  • Is site house keeping satisfactory?

  • Is vehicle and pedestrian traffic controlled appropriately?

  • Do all subcontractors have a hazard register for their work that they are carrying out?

  • Do all workers on site have a current Site Safe Passport? (or similar/equivalent)

  • Are there arrangements to deal with visitors to site ( sign in register and instructions)

  • Are work areas clean and tidy?

  • Are all access ways clear (including stairways)

  • Are all materials stacked safely?

  • Are all reinforced bar ends capped?

  • Are nails in timber made safe?

  • Are any potential slips or trips controlled?

  • Is there adequate lighting on site?

Accident and Incident Reporting

  • Is there an incident register on site?

  • Are near miss, incident forms available to be filled out on site?

  • Are all workers aware and understand the reporting process?


  • is there a Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) implemented on site?

  • Have all workers on site signed onto the SSSP?

  • Is the SSSP available on site?

  • Are Permits to Work available on site for viewing?(Working on roofs, Confined Spaces, Hot Work)

  • Is the any Notifiable works being carried out on site?

  • Has this work been notified to WorkSafe?

  • Is there a copy of the notification on site and are all workers aware of this work?

  • Is there a Site Hazard/Risk Register on site, complete with relevant controls?

  • Is there an emergency plan and procedures in place?

  • Are all workers on site aware of the plan and procedure in the event of an emergency?

  • Is there a training register on site demonstrating all workers level of competency for the work that they are carrying out?

  • Is there a Hazardous Substance Register onsite complete with Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for chemicals on site?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Are Hard Hats being worn?

  • Are safety glasses/goggles being worn?

  • Are respirators or disposable masks being worn for relevant work?

  • Is hearing protection being worn?

  • Is protective clothing being worn? (Hi Vis, long longs)

  • Is appropriate safety footwear being worn?


  • Is the ladder suitable for the job being carried out?

  • Is the ladder set up on firm level ground?

  • Is the ladder secured? (either a 2nd person footing the ladder or ladder secured at the top)

  • Is the ladder at the correct angle? (4:1 ratio)

Working at Heights - Scaffolding

  • is the scaffolding suitable for the job?

  • has the scaffolding been erected by a certified scaffolder?

  • Is the Scaf-tag up to date?

  • Has the scaffolding been inspected by a certified scaffolder in the past 7 days?

  • Is there safe access to the scaffold?

  • Is the ladder on the scaffold suitable?

  • Are the guardrails between 0.9 and 1.1m?

  • Is there an intermediate rail in place?

  • Are the platforms adequate? ( 3 planks wide minimum, butted and secured)

  • Is there debris netting in place?

  • Are toe boards in place? ( 225mm high minimum)

  • Are there adequate base plates and sole plates in place? (500mm x 200mm x 38mm)


  • Are all gears, chain drives and shafts guarded?

  • Are the guards secured and in good order?

  • Is the riving knife and hood guard in place on a bench saw?

  • Are guards maintained on power saws?

  • Are the guards in place and secure on the grinders?

Power Actuated Tools

  • Is the operator certified?

  • Does the tool have a 6 monthly certificate?

  • Are tools and cartridges secured when not in use?

  • Has a 3 second verbal warning been given to workers on site?

  • Is adequate PPE being worn? (Safety boots, Hearing and eye protection)


  • Are all leads tagged and tested 3 monthly?

  • Are all electrical tools tagged 3 monthly?

  • Are leads protected in high traffic areas?

  • Are all leads protected and clear from water?

  • Is there a 4m clearance from overhead power lines?

Environmental Issues

  • Is there a silt control plan in place?

  • Is dust being controlled on site?

  • Is all construction waste being controlled on site?

  • Is construction noise being controlled on site?

  • Is there refuelling of vehicles/plant/equipment being carried out on site?

  • Has there been a designated refuelling zone set up? If yes, state where.

  • How will the potential for fire and explosion be controlled during refuelling?

  • How will fuel leaks or spills be controlled?


Corrective Actions

  • Corrective Actions to be Completed

  • Auditor Signature

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