• Year of Manufacture

  • Print Unit Info - chamber or roll, anilox volume, lines per inch and cell structure.

1) General Observations

  • 1) General Observations in/around units

2) General

  • 2.1) Doctor Blade Chambers - type of chamber and blade system?

  • Doctor Blade Chambers

  • 2.2) Inking Units - pump type, filter system, bladder and ink detection?

  • Inking Units

  • 2.3) Rubber Roll - condition?

  • Rubber Roll

  • 2.4) Oiling & Greasing - visual inspection?

  • Oiling & Greasing

  • 2.5) Cylinder Alignment - check parallelism between anilox and print plate or roll?

  • Cylinder Alignment

  • 2.6) Wash Cycle Efficiency - auto dosed system with cleaner, wash cycle times?

  • Wash Cycle

  • 2.7) Ink Retention - the efficiency of the system to take in and purge ink from the units. A pre weighed bucket of ink should be taken in, expelled then weighed again.

  • Ink Retention

  • 2.8) Movement & Interlocking - system, alarm, track condition?

  • Movement & Interlocking

  • 2.9) Mechanical Wear - general visual check?

  • Mechanical Wear

3) Anilox Cell Structure

  • Description

  • 3.1) Ops Side - Land Area Condition/Cell Depth/Cell Volume/Ink Deposits

  • 3.2) Middle - Land Area Condition/Cell Depth/Cell Volume/Ink Deposits

  • 3.3) Gear Side - Land Area Condition/Cell Depth/Cell Volume/Ink Deposits

  • General Summary

4) Start Up/Running

  • 4.1) Colour change on machine start

  • 4.2) Register unit to unit

5) Comments/Notes

  • 5.1) Comments/Notes

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