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  • Who did you speak to?

  • What home numbers were covered?

Process Confirmation Walk


  • Have you worked at Prestige for more than 3 months?

  • Has a training plan been completed?

  • Have you been trained for the tasks you are carrying out?

  • Did your induction period include any monitoring / buddy method?

Activity Inputs

  • What information do you receive to do your work?

  • Do you always receive this information / work in a consistent way?

  • Approximately what percentage of the information/work you receive is correct/accurate?

  • Is there a standard way of carrying out this task/these tasks?

  • Is the Procedure/Work Instruction documented?

  • Can you access it / show me where it is?

Activity Actions

  • Do you carry out a separate self-check of your work?

  • Do you have your work checked by another team member (peer review) before it is passed on to the next stage?

  • Is this due to lack or available resource, lack of time?

  • Must there be an approval from a relevant person (Team Leader/Supervisor/Manager) before it is passed on to the next stage?

  • Is then approval check carried out consistently?

  • Do you always record any of the above checks of work (documentation / database)?

  • Is this information easy to store/find?

Activity Outputs

  • Approximately how consistent is the method of passing your work to other People/Teams/Departments/External Customers?

  • How often do you get feedback from your internal / external customers?

  • Do you record information of completed work?

  • What method(s) do you use?

  • Is it necessary to maintain a record of your completed work?

Relevant Activity Controls

  • Do you have the time to do your task's correctly?

  • Do you need (additional) training?

  • Has refresher training been planned in?

  • Do you get informed of process/form/requirement changes updates?

  • How do you get informed?

Available Resources

  • Do you always have the correct tools to do this/these task(s)?

  • Is your working environment always suitable for your tasks?

  • Are you familiar with the layout of the areas you work in?

Continuous Improvement

  • Have you been shown around the showground homes?

  • Does your team review and/or test improvements to your processes/forms/tools?

  • Do you ever view/interact with other teams upstream (internal / external suppliers)/downstream (internal / external customers)

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