Title Page

  • Address


  • property Status

  • Tenants/Residents/Leaseholders Name

  • Contact telephone number

  • Other Contact Details


  • Have you considered whether planning consent and/or building control consent for the work is required

  • it Yes please Copy consent letter

  • Have you sought other Permission

  • it Yes please Copy consent letter

  • If NO are you now applying for permission

  • Please provide additional information in support of a delayed application


  • What work do you wish to carry out and where?

  • Give details of who will be carrying out the work? (name of person(s) or company and relevant experience)

  • Please provide copy of Specification/quotation or letter detailing works, parts and materials from installer

  • What is the total cost for all the work, please confirm if this includes costs for certification, notices?


  • When will/did the work commence?

  • When will/was the work finished?


  • Are you aware of any Asbestos materials in the property?

  • if YES list possible asbestos containing materials

  • Has the asbestos material been tested

  • if NO, please confirm you have made arrangements for the material to be sampled before works commence

  • Please use this space to photograph and attach floor plans or formal drawings

  • Have you called to arrange for an inspection to be carried out before works commence, to comply with Medway Council policies, terms and conditions of tenancy/leasehold agreements.

  • Tenants/Residents/Leaseholders Signature

  • Do/Will the Alterations comply with building regulation approved documents and BSEN Safety Standards.

  • if No: Please provide Details and/or Recommendations

  • Buildings inspector signature

  • Building Inspectors Name

  • Date

  • Guidance Completing the Property Alteration Form

    1. Please give physical start date, when you plan to start the works on site.

    2. Please give your planned completion date, when you plan to finish works on the site.

    3. Please tell us how much you will spend on the project, including any cost of labour, materials, skips etc.

    4. If it is a company carrying out the work, please tell us their name, where they are based and what experience they have. If you are carrying out the works please tell us your own experience and skills.

    5. Please tell us whether of not you require formal planning consent for the works. To find out if you need planning or building control consent you can either check online at www.planningportal.gov.uk/permission/house or ring Medway Council on 01634 333333

    6. Please tell us what work you are doing and where you are doing the work.

    7. Please tell us the materials which you plan to use.

    8. Do you know if the Council has carried out an asbestos survey? If the Council hasn't you can contact the repairs team to arrange a survey (01634 333601).

    9. Please provide a sketch of the works you wish to carry out and label your drawing. Please include measurements and highlight gas and water pipes.

    If you still require help completing the form or would like to speak to an advisor, please phone your Housing Officer on 01634 333588

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