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Fire - control of ignition sources

  • No portable radiant heaters are placed on the floor (all radiant heaters should be wall or ceiling mounted, well clear of paper and other easily combustible materials)

  • Cable penetrations through poly panel walls and ceilings are enclosed in cable conduit (to prevent cable insulation fraying and cables short circuiting)

  • No evidence of impact damage to electrical or electronic control equipment

  • Access to distribution boards an main switch board room are locked and access is limited to authorised personnel only.

  • There is sufficient clearance between high intensity lighting and stored materials (which could result in a fire)

  • No ignition sources or flammable materials are stored within the ammonia compressor rooms or forklift charging areas

  • Electric motors and rotating shafts are not covered in dust or other materials that could cause friction fires or result in overheating

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Fire - control of fuel loads

  • No unnecessary accumulations of flammable liquids stored outside of designated hazardous goods storage areas

  • Containers containing flammable liquids or gases are accurately labelled and suitable for the material they contain

  • No oil leaks are evident on process or utilities equipment (hydraulic oil equipment and oil insulated electrical transformers)

  • Flashings around penetrations, doorways and windows through poly panel walls / ceilings are in good condition

  • No punctures that expose poly panel core material in poly panel walls or ceilings

  • Cable trays are kept clear of accumulations of combustible dust and other combustible materials

  • Notes

Fire - maintenance of fire separations

  • Battery chargers are separated from combustible from combustible building and stored materials (poly panel and stored pallets for example)

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Structural / Impact Damage

  • No evidence of impact damage to building or plant structures

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