• Date and Time audit began


  • Photograph of Vehicle Being Inspected

  • Check for drivers alert sticker on back of unit

  • PSE Vehicle Unit Number

  • check for visible US DOT door sticker & current DOT inspection Sticker

  • Odometer Reading at Inspection

Vital Vehicle Fluid Levels and Condition

  • Engine Oil Level

  • Transmission Fluid Condition

  • Power Steering Fluid

  • Engine Coolant

  • Brake Fluid

  • differential Fluid

  • transfer Case Level


  • High and Low Beams Operational

  • Clearance, Marker Lights, Tail Lights,

  • check turn signals & brake lights

  • Left and Right Back-Up Lights, Back up Alarm

EXTERIOR BODY AND GLASS (Take Photos of any noted damage)

  • Add media

  • Windshield Free of Cracks and Chips

  • Front Hood, Grill and Bumper free of Damage

  • check for damage to all Doors, Mirrors, Windows and fenders

  • Rear WIndow Free of Cracks and Chips

  • Rear of Vehicle and Bumper Free of Damage (Tailgate if included)

  • Vehicle is Clean and Free of Road Grime and Dirt


  • Measure left front tire tread depth, Check & adjust tire pressure

  • Measure right front tire tread depth, check & adjust tire pressure

  • Measure left rear tire tread depth, check & adjust tire pressure

  • Measure left rear inside tire tread depth, check & adjust tire pressure

  • Measure right rear tire tread depth, check & adjust tire pressure

  • Measure right rear inside tire tread depth, check & adjust tire pressure


  • Left front brake percentage remaining

  • Right front brake percentage remaining

  • Left rear brake percentage remaining

  • Right rear brake percentage remaining


  • Check Driver and passenger Seat and seatbelt are in good safe operating condition

  • Windshield Wipers and washer fluid are Functioning Properly; replace wiper blades if necessary and top off fluid

  • Heater and Defroster plus air conditioning is Operational

  • All Gauges are Operating and Show within Appropriate Ranges

  • Interior Compartment Lights Operational

  • Interior is Clean and Free of Loose Objects

Under Carriage Inspection

  • Check Driveline & U Joints

  • Check Ball Joints

  • Check springs, hangers, shocks

  • Grease Complete Chassis


  • Securely mounted First Aid kit

  • Highway safety triangles available

  • Fire Extinguisher


  • Valid Vehicle Registration is located in Vehicle (Note where kept)

  • Valid Vehicle Insurance Certificate is Located in Vehicle (Note where kept)


  • Comments?

  • Repairs Completed?

  • All repairs not completed (please list)

  • Signature of Mechanic Performing Service

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