Approval information
Visual inspection by:
Electrical tested by:
Approved by:
Visual inspection skid

No external damage cables skid

Tag plates at the outside of the junction boxes

Tag plates at the junction box

Tag plates at the component

Cable support (glands) for in and outgoing cables available

Main earth connection available

Bottom plates earthed

Doors earthed

Junction box walls earthed

Cable trays properly installed (no sharp edges)

Ex-I seperated from other signals

Ex-E seperated from other signals

No missing numbers in the terminal strips

All the components in the junction box numbered

Wire connections properly (no blank copper)

Wire sizes correct conform electrical diagram

Terminals correct sized for the cable connection

Only one wire lug per connection (twin connection is ok)

No missing connections conform electrical diagram

Wire colours conform electrical diagram

As-build drawing made: And send!

Ty-raps have no sharp edges

Junction box cleaned (no copper inside)

Skid is build by spec.

Cable trays are by spec.

The cable tray is not been over filled

Are the trays been seperated? When possible at least 300mm

Maximal unsupported cable length not exceeded

No cable glands are pointing up

The maximum bending radius is not exceeded

Sleeves placed by the wartels

Conduits/cable tray do not block access to operability of components

Continuity of the earth circuit

Continuity of the earth circuit
Continuity of the earth circuit

position A

position B

Measured Value

Add media

Insulation test

Insulation test

The insulation resistance measured at 500Vdc between the conductors and the main earth connection (PE). The value shall not be less than 1 mohm


Remarks (to do list)



To Do before transport
To do before transport

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