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Precise Machining (Seal/ Hub)

  • Is there any precise machining for QRF items on-going?

  • Are machining stations with gap/ filler gage for batch verification in production?

  • Does operator know the range of criteria?

  • Does operator know the correct source of criteria to be referred to?

  • Are first 2 pcs of the shift sent to lab for profile measurement?

  • Are all shift profile measurement records archived and keep being updated for each production day?

Clamp Visual/ Assembly

  • Is there any clamp VT/ assembly job on-going?

  • Is QRF designated personnel assigned for the job?

Dimension Control

  • Is there any dimension inspection on-going for QRF items?

  • Is QRF designated inspector performing inspection?

  • Is the inspector with correct and controlled source while performing inspection?

Penetrant Test

  • Is there any PT job for QRF items on-going?

  • Is QRF designated PT inspector performing the inspection?

  • Are full surface of the items being examined?

  • Is timing control correct as per the procedure?

  • Is penetrant removal applied correctly per the procedure?

Coating Inspection

  • Is there any newly received seals with MoS2 coating?

  • Are coating certificates received and found acceptable per review?

  • Is Molykote certificate available?

Stand-off Measurement (QC)

  • Is there any inspection on stand-off dimension on-going?

  • Is QRF designated inspector performing the inspection?

  • Does inspector know the range of criteria?

  • Does the inspector know the correct source of criteria to be referred to?


  • Are every QRF item in production with its traveler nearby?

  • Are every QRF item in stock or inspection area with its traveler nearby or marking on it?

  • Is QRF hold/ reject area with access restriction?

  • Are QRF items in hold/ reject area with traceability info and hold/ reject marks on them?

  • Is hold/ reject items log maintained and keep being updated as per actual status?

Heat Treatment (Seal/ Hub)

  • Is there any heat treatment on-going for QRF items?

  • Is designated furnace being used for QRF items?

  • Are thermocouples and temperature recorders with calibration certificate in valid due?

  • Is process technical sheet available and found acceptable per review?

  • Are records of mechanical testing archived and keep being updated for each PO and item?

  • Are these records signed off by CNBO representative and found to be acceptable per random review?


  • Is there any casting job on-going?

  • Is the temperature of wax preparation within controlled range?

  • Is the pressure and duration of wax injection within controlled range?

  • Are cooling blocks utilized for each piece of wax after the wax injection?

  • Are the temperature and duration of cooling within controlled range?

Heat Treatment (Clamp)

  • Is there any heat treatment for clamp on-going?

  • Is the furnace loading appropriate for prevention of clamp deformation during heat treatment?

Pin Assembly/ Testing

  • Is there any pin forming/ testing on-going?

  • Is the operator operating with correct parameters per the specified instruction?

Raw Materials

  • Are QRF raw material properly stored with all necessary traceability info?

  • Is inventory log for all raw materials available and keep being updated per actual status?

  • Are MTR available, and signed off by CNBO representative?

  • Are MTR issued from approved source and found acceptable per review?

Marking (Seal/ Hub)

  • Any marking operation on-going for QRF items?

  • Is the operator applying correct marking format with correct traceability?

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