Assessment scoring:
1 - Demonstrates the required competency
2 - Partially demonstrates the required competency OR is in the development stage of his/her role
3 - Fails to demonstrate the required competency

Competency Assessment Checklist (Generic All staff - Inc. M7)

(CC3 CC14 CC18) Able to name two human factors that could affect his/her work on a day to day basis? Ability to consider others human performance and limitation.

(CC32) Can access tech news (information systems) on a PC without support from others.

(CC22 CC28) Ensures maintenance tasks are accomplished IAW approved maintenance data, and able to certify/stamp as completed where required.

(CC9 CC12 CC20) Demonstrates a professional attitude towards safety and is able to identify safety risks linked to aircraft safety or the work place.

(CC33) Ensures personal tools are controlled and a tool audit log kept up to date.

PER book has been reviewed within the past six months.

Ask these questions but score N/A. Used to check competency of CT modules.

(CC8) Knowledge of occurrence reporting system and understanding of the importance of reporting occurrences, incorrect maintenance data and existing or potential defects. (eBASIS GOR OSR etc)

COSHH hazardous materials- procedures for usage and disposal.

(CC10) Knowledge of CDCCL when relevant.

(CC11) Knowledge of EWIS when relevant.

M5 M6 Mechanics, Painters APV5 Workshop Staff ATH and APV Authorisations. (+ Generic)

(CC31 CC32) Able to navigate to maintenance data and BA procedures applicable to scope of work.

(CC27) Ensures information are recorded for a removed unit in SAP or on a CCR form and packaging of the removed unit is appropriate for transportation.
(Ability to properly process removed, uninstalled and rejected parts).

(CC29) Ensures parts are visually inspected prior to removal/fitting and appropriate documentation is attached and complete. (Ability to recognise the acceptability of parts to be installed prior to fitment)

Certifying and Support Staff. A, B, C Authorisations and Workshop Team Leaders (+ Generic + M5 M6)

(CC19) Able to navigate to scope of authorisations procedure.

(CC13) Understands his certifying responsibilities. E.g. Able to list 3 conditions ensured prior to signing for CRS.

(CC17) Able to control task cards/sheets or ramp check sheets.

(CC15) Understanding of personal authorisations and limitation.

(CC16) Has knowledge of critical tasks and is able to access the vital points manual and GEN.35.

(CC24 CC30) Ensures prioritisation and staging of tasks and ensures complex tasks are slit into key stages.

Use of technical documentation such as SPM

Knowledge of inspection procedures (QSM Part M)

Knowledge and use of SAP/Intranet to access livery drawings/airforms etc.

Supervisors (AMS) (+ Generic + M5 M6 + Certifying and Support Staff)

(CC21) Ability to manage third parties involved in maintenance activity. (aware of QU-Q-3-7-WI.1)

(CC26) Ability to promote the safety and quality Policy (lead by example)

(CC37) Resources management and production planning skills.

(CC38) Team work, decision making and leadership skills.

(CC4) Knowledge of where components are stored and how they are maintained.

Managers FSM (+ Generic)

(CC26) Ability to promote the safety and quality Policy. (lead by example)

(CC37) Resources management and production planning skills.

(CC4) Knowledge of where components are stored and how they are maintained.

(CC38) Team work, decision making and leadership skills.



Additional training required

Details of additional training required

Supervised working required

Details of supervised working required

Passivation of authorisation required



Assessor's signoff
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.