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  • ***Locate the Bill of Lading and record the sales order Number***

  • Sales Order

  • Pack Number #

Lets verify

Packing list

  • locate sales order pick list

  • locate Packing List Tag attached to completed pallet/bundle?

  • How many Pallets?

  • Does the sales order Match across all bundles

  • Take a picture of each Packing List Tag

  • Do all of the part numbers match from the sales order Picklist to each Pack List Tag?

  • Do all of the part quantity's match from the sales order Pick list to each Pack List Tag?

  • Does this order include hardware kit's?

  • Does the quantity match the sales order?

lets wrap it up!

Final check

  • Do the parts on the pallet match what's written on the Pack list Tag ?

  • Are the parts on the pallet safely and securely banded?

  • Is this a APS order?

  • Has cardboard been properly placed on pallet for shipment

  • Is this a PRO carrier

  • Has the Appropriate Labels been attached to bundle/bundles?

  • Has the Pack Slip Tag been signed / initialed

  • Has the sales order Picklist been signed / initialed

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