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  • Scoring Criteria:
    1 Unacceptable - Risk to product e.g. Contamination - Raise NCR
    2 Poor
    3 Acceptable
    4 Good
    5 Excellent
    NA Element not appropriate for area being audited

  • - If a 1 is scored in an area - the whole area receives a 1 and an NCR is automatically raised.
    - If more than one 2 is scored in an area the area receives a 2 overall and an NCR is automatically raised.
    - If 2-5 is scored throughout the area, then the average score is used for that area.
    - The average of all scores are then used as the Total audit score, however if more than one area receives a 1 then the total audit score is 1.
    - Audits are conducted by an Auditor(QA or qualified internal auditor) along with a representative from the area being audited.

  • If an area requires an action to be carried out press the "paper clip" icon on the right and enter the action required.

Audit Details

  • Auditor Name and Signature

  • Area representative Name and Signature

  • Date Completed



  • Hair net - Are all employees wearing hairnet correctly (covers hair and ears). Are Beard Snoods being worn appropriately as required.

  • Uniforms - Are all employees adhering to uniform policy, are uniforms pocket-less, wearing correct uniform, clean with no rips or holes.

  • Footwear - Is Clean and appropriate footwear being worn by all employees

  • Hearing Protection - Is clean hearing protection being worn by all employees (as required)

  • PPE - Is PPE being worn correctly and appropriately i.e. Safety glasses, Is it removed outside of the production area?

  • Personal Items - No personal items found on line, no personal mobile phones, nothing in toolboxes or bumbags

  • Add comments if required.

  • Add Photo if required.

Personal Hygiene

  • Illness - Employees do not have evidence of Cold/Flu or Viruses

  • Band Aids - Employees do not have open cuts/abrasions or wounds, Only metal detectable band aids being worn?

  • Nails - No evidence of false nails/nailpolish being worn in the manufacturing area

  • Jewellery - Only plain wedding band to be worn (Medical, ethnic, religious by written approval only)

  • Eating/Drinking - No evidence of eating or drinking (other than authorised water bottles/water fountain), or smoking

  • Hand Washing - Hands Washed Upon Entry and sanitised or gloves changes at the appropriate frequency

  • Contractors and visitors are GMP compliant i.e. Hairnet, attire, snood.

  • Add comments if required.

  • Add Photo if required.

Pest Control

Pest Activity

  • Pest Activity - No evidence of Pest Activity in the area (i.e. Insects, webbing, tracks, droppings, feathers)

  • Pest Exclsuion - Doors/Walls/Ceilings have adequate seals and are kept closed. I.e. No light coming through, doors and windows sealed, pest stripping under doors

  • Pest Control - Pest Bait and Monitoring Systems are adequate in number, monitored and controlled

  • Pest Sightings log/register is available and in use

  • Add comments if required.

  • Add Photo if required.

Buildings and Equipment

Walls Floors Ceilings

  • Walls/Floors/Ceilings - Are all surrounding walls, floors and ceilings clean and in good condition.

  • Walls, Ladders and Steps are free of clutter

  • Are all Lights Covered with a shatterproof covering and in good working order

  • Are any ceiling vents or wall/floor vents or fans cleaned and in good condition?

  • Drains are clean and free from any objectionable odours. Drains have removable grates.

  • No evidence of condensation or water dripping from ceiling

  • Old or redundant equipment is clean and stored in such a way so as not to contaminate product or harbour any pests left in manufacturing areas

  • No product/WIP/ Raw materials are stored directly against the wall allowing for pest harbourage

  • Add comments if required.

  • Add Photo if required.

Building Cleanliness

  • Bins are in adequate numbers tidy, and regularly emptied

  • No Objectionable odours, smoke, dust or other airborne contaminants in the factory

  • Is the correct Colour Coding Cleaning equipment in good condition and being used for the right purpose. Is there adequate cleaning equipment in area

  • Rags are not in use.

  • Cleaning Chemicals are being used correctly and all bottles and containers are labelled

  • Add comments if required.

  • Add Photo if required.


  • Knives are approved type, in good condition, clean and stored appropriately.

  • Tools - are being stored in toolbox or in allocated areas and not being stored on equipment

  • Add comments if required.

  • Add Photo if required.

Process Control

  • All documents are controlled and approved with version number and date by QA

  • No Pins/Staples or paperclips are found inside manufacturing areas

  • Only Metal Detectable pens are being used in area and are secured

  • Workstations are neat and tidy

  • Add comments if required.

  • Add Photo if required.

Area Specific - Distribution and Warehousing

Raw Materials Handling

  • Are Pallets in acceptable condition i.e. Not broken, not double stacked

  • Pallets are not being stored on the floor, racking being used

  • Pallets are not being stored outside

  • Is the FIFO system being followed and green 'approved' stickers evident on each pallet

  • Packaging materials are stored on appropriate racking, not being stored on floor

  • Allergen ingredients are stored and labelled correctly (in designated labelled areas) and signs displayed where applicable

  • All incoming product is free of infestation, damage or objectionable odours before transferring to storage

  • Damaged pallets and crates are removed from within the manufacturing and distribution areas

  • Add comments if required.

  • Add Photo if required.

Cleaning and Hygiene

  • Cleaning chemical cage is locked and all chemicals appropriately labelled

  • Hoses are cleaned and stored appropriately

  • Is the Clean as you go policy evident - no evidence of spills not cleaned up, no pooled water.

  • Off Line cleanliness i.e. Under equipment, walls, floors around supports are clean and free from build up

  • Add comments if required.

  • Add Photo if required.

Foreign Material Control

  • No temporary repairs have been made using cable ties, string or tape

  • Equipment is in an acceptable condition, no evidence of paint chipping, broken parts

  • All Guards are in place and in good condition. No broken, chipped or cracked Perspex.

  • Tools - are being stored in toolbox or in allocated areas and not being stored on equipment

  • Nothing stored above food stream or on top of raw materials or equipment

  • No foreign material seen in area either on or offline, i.e. Wood, plastic, swarf, nuts, bolts etc

  • Add comments if required.

  • Add Photo if required.

Dropped and Non Conforming Product

  • Any non conforming product is isolated, labelled and recorded to prevent it being despatched without QA approval.

  • Any dropped finished product is inspected and thrown away if damaged

  • Bagged finished product shall not be left standing exposed for extended periods in open areas.

  • Add comments if required.

  • Add Photo if required.

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