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  • Prepared by

  • Location - where in the factory building? For example, give closest cell number, if appropriate.

  • Type of ladder - extending, folding steps, platform steps, aircraft steps, etc.

  • Construction - i.e. all aluminium, fibreglass, steel tube, etc.

  • Ladder number / identifying marks

  • Manufacturer's name: if not visible write None, or Illegible & consider a photo

  • Number of steps OR length e.g. 4m extending ladder OR 6 step platform steps


  • Identity mark / ladder tag is in place and legible

  • Are there any loose steps or rungs (considered loose if they can be moved at all with the hand)?

  • Are there any loose or protruding nails, screws, bolts, rivets or other metal parts?

  • Are there any cracked, split, twisted, dented or broken welds, stiles, braces, steps or rungs?

  • Are there any cracks, impact damage or any obvious modifications to the ladder / steps?

  • Are there any slivers / sharps on stiles, rungs or steps (hand cut hazards etc.)?

  • Are there any damaged, worn or missing non-slip feet / bases?

  • Are there any missing or damaged tie-rods?

  • The ladder / steps are clean and free of oil, mud, paint, corrosion etc.

STEP / PLATFORM STEPLADDERS (Please mark N/A if not relevant)

  • There are no loose or bent hinge spreaders on these steps

  • Is the stop on the hinge spreaders broken?

  • There are no broken, split or worn steps

  • Hinges are not bent or deformed / in good condition

  • Foot platform has non-slip surface / in good condition

  • Handrail (where fitted) is not loose / bent / otherwise damaged

EXTENSION LADDERS (Please mark N/A if not relevant)

  • The ladder has no loose, broken or missing extension locks

  • The ladder has no defective locks that do not seat properly when the ladder is extended

  • The ladder has no deterioration or fraying of rope from age, exposure to weather or other destructive agents


  • Please write your name here:

  • Congratulations! You have completed the audit! Please submit the audit which will then be saved on the Cloud!

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