Scrubber Checklist

Refill Scrubber Y / N ?

Fill Cannister using a 2 stage "fill and tap" process. Top up to 6mm from rim (evenly). Install scrim.

Clean and grease o-ring. Insert. Clean spacer. Insert.

Clean lid and lid O-ring. Grease if needed.

Insert scrubber into canister and push to feel loose fitting.

Sofnolime used since last refill (in hrs)

Bagpipe test on assembled scrubber.


Planned dive location and depth?

Diluent cylinder gas analysis

Oxygen cylinder gas analysis

Lean bailout gas analysis

Rich bailout gas analysis

Assembly 1

Mouthpiece - gas direction flow & mushroom valves check. Inspect mouthpiece.

Attach buzzer. Secure HUD

Check O2 & dil MAVs (check o-ring, check hose connection).

Close OPV and perform negative pressure test (5 - 10mins).


Switch on. Listen for solenoid clicking, beeps from buzzer. Check all 4 LEDs in HUD active.

Record battery voltages B1 & B2. Min 5.5v for batteries. 5.3v = 2 squares.

When calibrating, ensure loop is close to 0.21 before starting. Watch for slow cells.

Record sensor values just prior to calibrating C1, C2, C3. Cells should be between 0.75 and 1.3 prior to calibrating.

Check dil and oxygen MAVs.

To perform linearity test - hold open OPV, flush dil through loop for 6 secs. Monitor cells, check low O2 alarm (buzzer & HUD), ppO2 should go down to <0.23 with air dil. Open mouthpiece slightly, inject O2 monitor cells, ppO2 should go to 0.95 - 1.04.

Perform linearity test.

Ensure correct gas % entered into vision computer and back up (incl bailout).

Turn off master/C1, ensure slave/C2 takes over.

Assembly 2

Check ADV

Check wing

Check and breathe bailout (both BOV & bailout cylinder)

Check O2 & dil intermediate pressures. O2 7 to 8 bar, dil 8.5 to 9.5 bar.

Do positive pressure test.

Record cylinder pressures - dil, O2, lean, rich, suit inflate.

Close cylinder valves and shut off controller if not diving immediately.

Prepare all straps trim weights. Ensure OPV is open after pressure test.


Record any maintenance issues here. Record if batteries or cells changed.

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