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Path of Egress

  • Walk the path(s) of egress marked on the Evacuation Plan. Are they free from clutter?

  • In patient areas, check the path of travel to an exit. Can you determine that hallways are not used for storage?

  • In patient areas, check the path of traveler to an exit. Can you determine that hallways are not used to rest patients, their beds, trolleys, wheelchairs etc?

  • Check discharge from exits to open spaces and public roads. Are they fit for purpose should an evacuation occur?

  • Check doors (other then fire/smoke doors) forming the path of travel to an exit. Do self closing, automatic closing and latching mechanisms work?

  • Check any stair within the path of travel to an emergency exit as marked on the evacuation plan. Are hand rails in good condition, and steps slip resistant, are they free from clutter?

Fire/smoke doors

  • Identify fire/smoke doors on the Evacuation plan. Complete a visual inspection. Are they free from visual damage?

  • Check the release button. Does it release the door?

  • Is the door appropriately signed as a Fire /smoke door?

  • Are their signs alerting persons that the operation of doors must not be impaired?

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