Opening Checklist

Seating arrangement has been done as required

All linen is cleaned, ironed & folded as per the standard

Adequate mise-en-place has been stacked

Check for table/ chair wobbling

Check for cleanliness & proper lay-out of table

Check quality of glassware and discard chipped glasses, crockery, cutlery checked for cleanliness

REFERENCE: Clean and no chipped glasses
[This is an example of how you can use iAuditor to include best practice reference images in your templates to assist with inspections]


Ensure floor is clean and polished

Walls, curtains are checked for any visible spots

Check for used bulbs and follow up with the maintenance

All lights and electrical points operational

Air-conditioning operational

Check for the proper stacking of mineral water/soft drinks

Ensure the side station is stacked properly as per the standard

Check that the water cooler is functioning properly

Check Ice cube machine

Ensure that the POS system is working properly

Ensure that the non-available Item list is written on the board & everybody is aware

Check if telephone is working

Ensure that everybody has service kit & is properly groomed

Brief the staff for the operation & up-selling

Allocate the staff to their respective areas



Full Name and Signature of Inspector