• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

  • Date

  • Driver 1 (Name)

  • Driver 2 (Name)

  • Destination?

  • Reason for the Journey

  • IVMS installed and working ?

  • Road Journey Manager/Contact


  • Is this the driver's first time journey on this route? If yes=15 If no=0

  • Is the driver a Short Service Employee If No =0 If 7months to 12 months=15 If 6 months or less=40

  • How many hours has the driver been on duty before starting the journey? 8 hours to 12 hours= 10 More than 12 hours but less than 16 hours=30 16 hours and greater=75

  • How many hours of sleep has the driver had in the last 24hours? *4 hours or less=40 *More than 4 hours but less than 6=5 *6 or greater hours=0

  • What is the anticipated driving time (hours) for the journey? Less than 2 hours=0 2 hours to 4 hours=10 Greater than 4 hours to 6 hours=15 Greater than 6 hours=20

  • Is there a backup driver for journeys over 10 hours If Journey not over 10 hours=0 If answer is yes=0 If answer is no=5

  • Will the journey require driving in darkness? If less than 4 hours=0 If 4 hours to 6 hours=20 Over 6 hours=40

  • Will the journey cause the driver to exceed their normal work schedule or drive during a elevated traffic risk periods? If no=0 If yes=5

  • What are the weather conditions and visibility for the journey? Good=0 Fair=10 Poor=25

  • What is the road surface condition and topography? Good=0 Fair=5 Poor=15

  • Are there security issues? No=0 Yes mitigated=40 Yes=75

  • Are hazardous materials shipped with appropriate documentation and qualified drivers?<br><br>N/A =0<br>Yes=0<br>No=Stopwork


  • Total score

  • Risk Level<br><br>Low=less than 30<br>30 to 49=moderate<br>50 to 75=medium<br>Greater=75

Passenger Information

  • Passenger 1

  • Passenger 2

  • Passenger 3


  • Route description


  • Contact Person

  • Contact frequency Daily? Every 4 hours? Every 2 hours? Every 1 hour?


  • Authorizing manager (if required)

  • Drivers printed name

  • Drivers signature

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