Equipment Status Assessment:

  • Equipment Operational Status:


  • Please take photos of the front, rear, left, and right sides of the piece of equipment.

  • Please take photos of the hour meter.

Preventative Maintenance Schedule:

  • Service?

  • 250 Hour Service?

  • SOS enginer oil:

  • Change engine oil and filter:

  • Change fuel filter:

  • Inspect coolant level:

  • Add coolant conditioner:

  • Inspect and adjust V-belts:

  • Check pump drive oil:

  • Check hydraulic system level:

  • Check front gear reducer oil:

  • Check rear gear reducer oil:

  • Check differential oil:

  • Check drum support oil:

  • Check vibratory bearing oil level:

  • Clean primary air filter:

  • Drain water & fuel tank:

  • Check the battery level:

  • Check neutral start:

  • Lubricate all fittings per operating and maintenance guide:

  • Test run engine:

  • Test gauges and indicators:

  • Check back up alarm:

  • Check seat belts:

  • Clean cabin air filters:

  • Test brakes both service and parking:

  • Clean HYO system breather:

  • 500 Hour Service?

  • SOS engine oil:

  • Clean engine breather:

  • Inspect cutting edges:

  • 1000 Hour Service?

  • Level two coolant sample:

  • Change hydraulic system oil and filter:

  • Change vibratory filter:

  • Change propel filter:

  • Change pump drive oil:

  • Change front gear reducer oil:

  • Change rear gear reducer oil:

  • Change planetary oil:

  • Change differential oil:

  • Change drum support oil:

  • Change vibratory bearings oil:

  • Inspect ROPS:

  • 2000 Hour Service?

  • Change hydraulic oil and filters:

  • Change tandem oils:

  • Change circle drive oil:

  • Change coolant as needed:


  • Please enter any important information regarding the preventative maintenance service performed for this piece of equipment:


  • Technician's Signature:

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