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  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Which clinic is being surveyed

Environmental Conditions/Infection Control

  • Are staff able to speak to the disinfectant dry time that is required before using the equipment or applying the table paper?

  • If a negative response to the above question, what was the issue identified.

  • Are sharps containers mounted/secured in clinic areas?

  • The sharps containers are not overfilled.

  • Are electrical pugs at floor level covered with child safety covers?

  • Are rooms with biohazard materials labeled and locked?

  • Does the procedure room have a dirty and clean side?


  • Are medications stored in a safe and secure location?

  • All medication is not expired.

  • Is the sample medication log kept up to date and completed per policy?

  • All single dose vials are discarded after use.

  • There are no opened multi-dose vials open without a BUD? (Note BUD 28 days after opened.)

  • There are no medications/hazardous liquids stored in bottom cupboards or drawers.

Emergency Response

  • O2 Tank full and in holder?

  • Is the appropriate ambu bag available based on population served in clinic?

  • Is the medication Box for common emergencies in clinic available?

Misc. Section

  • Are the OSHA/State Hiring Laws posted in the clinic?

  • Are PMs for equipment current per the MIFU?

  • Is the process for management of complaints posted in the clinic?

  • Are the PA/NP staff able to speak to the guidelines for management of health problems?

  • Is there a process to ensure the required number of NP/PA charts are reviewed per the organizations policy?


  • Is sterilization done in this clinic?

  • Are MIFU guidelines followed for proper cleaning of instruments?

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